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I love visiting museums, historical buildings, gardens and galleries. I write about art history regularly and although they all have the ‘Art History’ category label, some are about Architecture while others are small bits of art history served to you as a Bitesize Blog. Other tags to explore are 17th Century, Hardwick Hall, Miniatures, Dogs, Lace, and Dutch Art.

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Recent Art History Articles

William Larkin: The Curtain Master
The work of William Larkin (early 1580s – 1619) stands out from the crowd. Not only because some of his[...]
William Larkin’s Style of Painting and the End of an Era
Larkin’s Portrait of Diana CecilThe huge portrait of Diana Cecil (1596 - 1654) (it is over 2 meters tall) is one[...]
Prized Possessions from the National Trust at the Holburne in Bath
In the 17th century the Brits were mad about the Dutch.  In this eventful century (to put it mildly) there[...]

More Art History Posts

Robert Peake & Charles I
Robert Peake the Elder (c. 1551–1619) was a fascinating painter who worked during the transition of Tudor (Elizabeth I) and[...]
Self Portraits by Van Dyck and Others
Recently the people of Great Britain helped to save a major self-portrait by 17th century master artist Anthony van Dyck[...]
Amazing Miniatures: Grand Paintings on a Tiny Scale
  It all started as some tiny illustrations in old books. The images in medieval books such as prayer books[...]
Bolsover Castle
Bolsover Castle; pleasure castle, occasional home and product of sheer wealth and indulgence. Built by William Cavendish (1592 –  1676),[...]
Inspiration for The Shawl
When I first saw the Maiden in Contemplation online I was really taken by its softness and stillness. I did not know[...]
What is the Point of Art History?
Image: Frans Hals, The Merry Drinker, 1628-30. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Ever since Barack Obama made his negative remark about the usefulness of[...]
Painted Pals
I am indulging myself in going slightly dog mad these days.  Ever since our beloved English Springer Spaniel died last[...]
10 Fun Art Memes
This post was written by Emma Welsh from Invaluable, an online art auction site with a lively blog. I really[...]
Strawberries and Borage in 17th Century Jackets
Jacobean embroidered jackets are a very common sight within the portraiture of the early 17th century. The scrolling patterns with[...]
A Study After Ter Borch
Copying the Old Masters is as old a technique as the old masters themselves. For as long as artists have[...]
A Short History of Early Lace
Although we may now think of wedding dresses and lingerie when we think of lace, in the 17th century lace[...]
The 10 Best Lace Paintings
Who are the best lace painters in history? I am not sure I can answer that question but I do[...]
Dogs in Dutch Genre Painting
Dutch 17th century art is full of dogs. The highly popular (then and now) and numerous genre paintings feature our[...]
William Larkin: The Curtain Master
The work of William Larkin (early 1580s – 1619) stands out from the crowd. Not only because some of his[...]
Bitesize Blog: Joseph Wright
Joseph Wright of Derby, An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump, 1768. National Gallery, LondonJoseph Wright of DerbyExperiment[...]
Wonders of the Mauritshuis
Precious Treasures Yesterday I visited the Mauritshuis in The Hague, The Netherlands. I had only been in the Mauritshuis once before,[...]