Sophie’s Art School

Busting the Myths of Painting

Welcome To Sophie’s Art School!

Scared of oils? Covered in pastel dust? Wondering how to paint solvent free? Wanting to improve your painting techniques? You’ve come to the right place. Although my Art School is still new it will be the place where we bust some paintings myths and provide a supportive and creative environment for all.

The Art School Cafe

Why not pop into the Art School’s brand new online cafe, while you are here? Find a  community of fellow painters to hang out with. It is free and always open.

Helping you Paint what you want to paint

My Art School’s motto is ‘Busting the Myths of Painting’ and I hope that together we can do just that. Many painting myths need busting so that artists have more skills, freedom, and confidence so they can create the art they long to create. Why is it important to create the art you long to create? Because art is important in the world: it provides perspective and understanding for all people, not just the artist 

I learned painting and drawing through perseverance and the huge online community of artists that share their work and expertise. I am still part of this online community and want to do the same for others. 

Art School News

- The Pastel Place is a new eCourse experience where you will learn everything about soft pastel. Have a look!

- The Art Cafe has gained over 100 members within its first two weeks. It is already a vibrant and lively place where people share and discuss everything related to art. Pop in!

- The new hub of the Art School is ready! An active community of fellow artists and students is already forming in the school’s cafe. Courses, classes and groups will take place here too. Check it out HERE

-  The mini-course Colour Mixing in Pastel is now available for just £25. It is a basic course, aimed at beginners, explaining how you can layer and mix colours. You don’t really need to buy every colour available, you can mix your own, just like in any other paint medium. Check it out here