Painting Tips

This blog is full of painting tips and techniques, product reviews and much more. Many are aimed at beginning artists but there is plenty of the professional as well. The series called Busting the Myths of Oil Painting is very popular and has some lively debates in the comments. There are articles on art materials, pastel and art books. I hope you will find the articles useful and fun.

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Studio Secrets

Best Oil Paints
There is a very large choice of oil paint out there. And the price range is equally large!A tube of[...]

Product Reviews

Reviews of paint brands, pastels, books, paper, canvas  and more.

Your Artists’ Website

Tips on how to build a website, which apps to use and everything else related to the web.

Let’s Get Organised!

Articles on how to organise your paints, your time and your schedule.....


My Top 12 Pastel Colours
A single brand of pastels will have over 400 colours in their repertoire. And as we have seen, there are[...]