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As a blogger I have only recently come across the many tools, tips and tricks available. One of these tools is a scheduling tool. Initially I was not sure why I would want to use one of these. After all you still have to write your posts, you just do it all in one go and in advance? And how on earth am I going to know what I want to tweet tomorrow? Many of my social media updates are live, straight from the studio, and hard to schedule in advance. But since reading about it all, especially on Problogger and in its Facebook group, I have come to realise that perhaps a little bit of scheduling could come in handy and save me some time.

Old blog posts can be shared again and scheduled ahead. A schedule will remind me to post things regularly. I can post things when I am asleep but the US awake (half my readers are from the US). Perhaps I should look into these tools after all. Someone recommended Trello, for example, to help organise my blog posting schedule. I love it, although I am too tempted to play with the gorgeous background images instead of working!So for social media scheduling, I have looked at Hootsuite but don’t like the look and feel of it. For me it is important that a tool looks good, is easy to use and doesn’t feel like I am doing boring admin. I want visuals and a clean design. Coschedule is too expensive but perhaps worth looking into as it seems to offer a lot. One day perhaps. There are others out there but Buffer and Socialpilot seem popular and comparable.

I am comparing various versions of Buffer and Socialpilot to see which would suit me, as a blogger, best.  Since I am a ‘small’ blogger I only compared the free plans and the lowest paid plans.  I hope this is of help to others who are considering these tools as I am.

The two yellow columns compare the free plans. The Blue columns compare the paid plans.


Some differences that stand out for me.
You might have different preferences than me so take this all for what it is.Dashboard Design
The biggest difference, I believe, is the difference in dashboard viewing.
Buffer keeps all accounts separate and so you can never see everything that is happening that day.

Socialpilot puts it all in one long list and includes it all in the calendar.
Buffer is clean and user-friendly because of it, Socialpilot less so but gives a better overview.Calendar
Socialpilot offers a calendar in the free plan. Buffer’s calendar (paid plan) is slightly better though.

Another big difference is the analytics: Buffer offers basic analytics per post for free. Nice and easy to see. Socialpilot offers comprehensive but dense analytics in the paid version, most of it straight from the platforms. Less easy to quickly see what is going on, but more information hidden in it.

I’d like to schedule the sharing of my blog posts. A RSS feed would be handy for it. Both offer feeds only on the paid plans. However, Buffer removes a post from the feed, once it is scheduled for sharing. It makes it harder to re-schedule it as you have to go and find it on your blog or in the published post list.
Socialpilot leaves the feed intact, no matter how many times you have scheduled a post from it. Socialpilot also shows images in the feed, which makes it more user-friendly.

More feeds
If feeds are your thing, Buffer allows 15 per account, which means max 150 feeds!! Socialpilot just offers 5…

Multiple images per post
Great advantage for visual people: Buffer offers multiple images per scheduled posts (Tw, Fb). Socialpilot does not.

For me, for now, the Buffer free plan wins.
​I think.

Do let me know if I have missed something (no doubt I have!) so I can update this comparison. Thanks!!

Right, back to the arts……


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