New Workshops: What they Said

Photo: Lin Kerr

I have scheduled some new workshops in for November and January (and might well add some more in the coming weeks) and wanted to write about it to let you know what we’re doing. But instead of writing it myself I thought it better to let my past students do the talking. So these are the words of others, well, erm; slightly mixed up.

A feedback mash-up that will hopefully give you an idea of what we’re doing

Sophie understands beginners.I do believe [she] enjoys seeing beginners flourish and enjoy their learning. I most enjoyed watching [her] demonstrate and explain [her] techniques.

In Sophie’s kitchen it is so relaxed. I like the  ‘cottage style’ format because it is unusual and interestingly different. 

The course content preparation and planning were excellent and well thought through. Information was delivered at an appropriate pace and we were allowed to get on with it with out fuss. She has so much experience to show others and she does not mind giving it out.

Its the first time I’ve ever come away from a workshop so inspired to keep practising. I had a fantastic day – I came back thrilled with what I had achieved and enjoyed working with other artists.

Biscuits were good as well.

Check out the Workshops!

This time I have scheduled in courses for beginners as well as more advanced:

  • 4 Week Drawing Course
  • Classical Portrait Drawing 1
  • Classical Portrait Drawing 2: a follow up course for those who attended part 1
  • Lace Painting in Oils
  • Inspired by Tudor Miniatures: portrait painting (at normal scale) with some Tudor flavouring
  • Oil Painting for Absolute Beginners: which paints to choose, what canvas to get, what is a medium, do I need a solvent, what is fat-over-lean mean: ask any and all questions!


Thank you to my past students for their kind and encouraging words. I hope to see you all soon again!

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