Two Cushions

I like piles of fabric. I love the simplicity of painting a simple pile of fabrics. I have painted a few piles in the past but the most recent one is my pastel painting Two Cushions.
Instead of folded fabrics in this painting I used cushions. I tried to keep things really simple by putting two cushions on top of each other and adding an interesting piece of fabric that matched the cushions in colour. ​

The patterns and textures of the fabrics were a great challenge to paint in pastel. The green top cushion has a white embroidery that stands a little proud of the green cotton fabric. I think I made the cushion a few years back from a remnant of Laura Ashley fabric. I never skip a remnants pile in the shops! You never know what you might find.


The bottom cushion is a plain coarse linen. The fabric of the table cloth is a beautiful vintage French damask, found online. The white flower pattern is woven into the green cotton and looks very delicate.

The painting evokes a quiet moment, perhaps a moment of thought or rest. The calm colours only enhance this effect.



For most of my pastel paintings I use fairly hard pastels, like Talens Rembrandt. I like to hatch the colour onto the paper, layering until I have enough depth of colour and variety in tone.  Please see this short video to show you how I apply pastel:

Pastel Technique from Sophie Ploeg on Vimeo.


​The painting is 18×11” / 46x28cm (unframed) and framed in an off white mount and warm grey painted wooden frame.



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