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Are you imagining one of my paintings on your wall?

Or perhaps you are not sure about things yet? Read on.

Inspiration & Information
You might want to know a little bit more about the painting and I’ll be happy to share my inspiration, materials and technique if you like.

If you can visit my studio, perhaps we can arrange a visit so you can see the painting for real (by appointment only). Perhaps the painting is at a gallery, in which case I will organise an appointment with/for you. If the painting is in my studio we can also have it send to the gallery so you can view it there. If you live too far from my gallery or my studio I can email you images of the painting.

Framing is usually included in the price. If you do not like the frame that is currently on the painting, we can discuss reducing the price or reframing it for you.

I understand it is scary to buy art online but rest assured I give a full guarantee: If unhappy with a purchase a full refund is arranged providing the painting is returned in perfect condition.

If you want to go ahead I or the gallery will either send you the painting via a specialist art courier (UK only) or it will be packaged securely and shipped with a standard courier.

Delivery/shipping costs vary so we will discuss this to see what options suit you best. I or my gallery can ship to anywhere in the world.

All my work has been created with professional and wherever possible archival materials and methods.

If you are in love with one of my paintings, do please get in touch.



Some words from happy clients:

Dear Sophie, Both “x” and “x” arrived safe and sound to California yesterday. They are absolutely stunning in person! I’m so glad to have found these lovely paintings and to be able to enjoy them everyday.

Dear Sophie, we get so much pleasure from your painting.

Hi Sophie, I love the picture and I’m so glad I bought it!
I look at her from wherever I am and she watches me right back! It is really special to have her here