Sophie Ploeg Oil Painting Brushes

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Painting Drapery (and a glass)

A Still Life

A Painting Demonstration: 8 Hours Of Video Content

 Follow The Creation Of A Small Oil Painting from Start To Finish. I will show you:

  • How to  find the right proportions and shapes
  • How to add colour
  • How to work into small detail
  • How I work without solvents or medium
  • How I layer my paint
  • Which paint brands and colours I choose, and which brushes
  • And so much more!

Colour Mixing in Pastel

A Mini-Course

If you don’t have a palette, how do you mix your colours? Do you need hundreds of pastel sticks?

A mini-course in 4 parts:

  • How to mix colours you don’t have
  • Basic colour mixing with primaries
  • A painting demonstration
  • Your turn! Show me what you got

What is my Next Course Going to Be?

I am in the researching phase of building my next course. But what will it be about? 

Tell me!