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Thursday 25 February 2016
Try your hand at painting lace in oils!
​Not for the faint-hearted, absolute beginners or people with bad eyesight. But if you dare then join me! We will warm up with drawing some lace patterns in pencil and then moving on to paint.  I will demonstrate how I go about things and different ways to approach the subject. We will work on one small painting for a couple of hours, trying to keep things thin and light. We will touch upon pattern, values, mixing and materials. I will provide small pieces of lace to work from, or if you prefer, photographs of lace. Spend a day concentrating on intricate patterns and refinement!

  • Maximum no of students: 5
  • Time: 10am – 4pm
  • Where: kitchen table
  • Small canvas board provided (for oil painting)
  • Parking on drive or on street
  • ​Please bring a packed lunch
  • £ 75 (excl. materials)
  • £90 (incl. materials to use – oils)

I will provide small canvas boards, prepared with a dried background colour wash, for you to work on.

Please bring your own materials, but keep in mind that our working space is small. There is no room for large palettes! We share the kitchen (table) together. There are table easels available. 

​If you like, you can pay a bit more and I will provide materials for you to use. 

Materials provided:

  • Small 8×10” painting board, background wash applied and dried (oils)

Materials required:

  • Drawing paper, graphite pencils, rubber
  • Oil paint: Please bring a light (white or nearly white), a dark (black,  brown, ultramarine and/or burnt umber), and perhaps whichever colours you are most comfortable with.  Most lace is either black or white so we won’t be needing many colours.
  • Brushes: small stiff brushes such as bristle size 0 – 4 for larger areas. Soft synthetic or sable round brushes size 00-2 for detailed pattern painting. 
  • Linseed oil
  • NO turps! I am allergic to some solvents and do not want a kitchen full of fumes (we will eat our lunch there too), so we will work without solvents as much as we can.  We will wipe our brushes clean as much as we can and you can clean them any way you want at your own home.​

If you prefer to work in acrylics or water-mixable oils then please feel free to bring your own materials. 

​Interested? Questions?

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