BP Travel Award: Press

In 2013 my Self Portrait with Lace Collar was accepted into the BP Portrait Award exhibition. One of the awards in this exhibition is the Travel Award. I gratefully received the Award for my proposal to research how lace is depicted in early 17th century portraiture in England and The Netherlands. My travel and research inspired me to create a new series of paintings. A selection of the paintings was exhibited within the BP Portrait Award 2014 exhibition which started in London in June 2014 and toured to Sunderland, Edinburgh and Wales thereafter. A book celebrates my project and catalogues the paintings.


  • Review of BP Portrait Award 2013 in London Evening Standard
  • Image in The Scotsman, newspaper for the opening of the exhibition in Edinburgh
  • Jackdaw Magazine, Sept/Oct 014 (magazine)



Press Quotes

“Sophie Ploeg’s Self-Portrait with Lace Collar sensitively describes the delicacy of human skin as her luminous face emerges from a dark interior” (Ben Luke, London Evening Standard, 20 June 2013, on Self Portrait with Lace Collar, BP Portrait Award 2013)


“[…]captures the tension between a child’s vulnerability and unconfidence on the one hand and her incipient independence and individuality on the other. These elegant, classic pictures draw thoughtfully on art history without being pastiches.”
(Michael Savage, Grumpy Art Historian, Blog on ’The Lace Maker’, within BP Portrait Award 2014 Exhibition)


  “To my mind it’s a bit of a masterclass in how to portray complex fabrics in portraits[…]”
(Katherine Tyrell, Making a Mark Blog 2014 on BP Travel Award works)


Throughout this project I have been writing about my experiences on my Blog. See for a overview of all blog posts, written over the course of 2 years.