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Portrait Painting (Oils) (Model)

Thursday 25 May 2017
Fully Booked
Explore portrait painting in oils, but this time with a life model (dressed). After a short warm-up we will use one pose only and work on that all day. We go through initial setup, blocking in, and working into details and we will touch upon all topics that come along during the painting process. I will paint along with you, while explaining the various stages of an alla prima (painted in one go) oil portrait. We will discuss colour choices, brush marks, colour mixing, drawing, shapes and likeness. 

The kitchen has limited space: there is room for 2 students using table easels and around 2 small floor easels and a model. Feel free to bring your own small floor easel if you have one (let me know), but I can provide one for you as well.

​The workshop price reflects the cost of hiring a model.

  • Time: 10am – 4pm
  • Where: kitchen, Thornbury, South Gloucestershire
  • Some materials provided (see below)
  • Bring your own oil paint
  • Maximum no of students: 4
  • ​Level: any
  • Parking on drive or on street
  • Coffee/tea provided​, bring your own lunch
  • £ 90

! No turps or solvents! Please do not bring any toxic solvents as we would like to keep the air clean. We have our lunch in the same small space. We can wipe clean brushes on kitchen roll.

Materials provided:

  • canvas board of varying sizes
  • kitchen towelling
  • Basic selection of brushes
  • disposable palette paper
  • paper, pencils if needed.

​Materials needed:

  • Oil paint. A decent quality brand will help your efforts. Choose your own colours or for example, dark (Prussian) Blue, medium blue, a bright red, bright yellow, ochre/sienna yellow, a very light near white or white, burnt umber, flesh colour. You can also opt for a limited palette of just brown, red, ochre, black and white. Or anything else you want!
  • Canvas. If you prefer to bring your own canvas board or canvas please do so. 
  • Brushes. For example a selection of artist quality bristle and synthetic filberts, some synthetic round ones for detail. 
  • Palette.  Disposable palette paper provided.
  • Something to put your dirty brushes and palette on/in for when you take a break and/or go home. Your painting will be wet when you go home!

Please do not bring too much as space is limited. Kitchen towelling, pencils and paper will be supplied where needed. If you have any questions about the materials or the workhop, feel free to ask!

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