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Hi, I am so glad you found my blog! I am Sophie Ploeg; a Dutch born artist living in the United Kingdom and wandering the world of art and art history.

As a painter I enjoy sharing my experiences, techniques and materials, as an art historian I love sharing my love for Dutch and English 16th and 17th century culture.

I am a self taught artist. I never learned to stretch canvas in art school, I never was told how to set up a palette, let alone how to survive as an artist. And so I learned the little bit of what I know by trial, error, reading and asking. And some might argue that is the best way of learning. The learning process never ends. There are many, many artists out there who have been in business much longer than I have and they know a lot. Thankfully I can ask some of them what to do when I get stuck. But it is great to be in this place where I can help others too. That’s why I write this blog and teach workshops.

How I can Help

I hope my paintings can provide joy and beauty in your life, my blog articles can help you get back on the road of painting and creativity and finally I hope you will enjoy learning some art history along the way.

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Will you let me know what you enjoy on this blog and what you would really love to read more about?

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My number one passion is of course painting. Please browse my paintings on this website and visit my exhibitions.  

In my shop you can purchase greeting cards  and books featuring my art works.

I teach workshops on oil painting, pastel painting and drawing. For more info, just follow the link!

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I am building a large section on my site full of Useful Things. Every product or service I have used and like and which I think might be useful to you can be found here.

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Art History

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Art Business

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Thank you!

Thank you for being here and for reading to the end of this page. I hope you will enjoy my art works and/or my blog articles. Do drop me a line, comment on a post,

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