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I am a Dutch-born artist, art tutor, writer and art historian, based in the UK. I find much of my inspiration in art history, especially the Dutch and English 16th and 17th century. I try to find a dynamic between the past and the present in my painterly depictions of lace, silk, and velvet as well as my portraiture. My portrait work has been exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the BP Portrait Award and elsewhere. I paint in oils and pastel and am available for commissions. 

Explore my paintings in greater detail. Find out about my inspiration and all the latest exhibitions. Works are for sale. 

My brand new Art School is getting off the ground with 2 new courses and a brand new community: The Art Cafe

A large resource of articles on art history, pastel and oil painting tips and techniques, exhibition reviews, musings and inspiration.

Short videos, tutorials, product reviews, course excerpts and peeks in the studio on Sophie’s Youtube channel

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How to Avoid Common Painting Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Imagine what the world would look like if we didn't. I often explain my painting method as one big process of fixing

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A Community for Artists

Your Data Points Are For Sale....When, in the last couple of decades, our artists’ communities moved online and then onto social media we lost something along

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Oil Painting: The Fat over Lean Rule

Scared of OilsA recent article in a main UK art magazine made me remember why I took so long to discover the joys and beauty of

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Basic Pastel Painting Techniques for Beginners

Do you want to try painting in soft pastel but you are not sure where to start? Check out these basic pastel painting techniques to get

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A Guide to Colour Temperature in Pastel Painting

Colour Temperature is an important concept for painters. Once we learn to see the temperature of colours we can make our paintings look much more realistic

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What is Your Favourite Oil Paint?

So many brands, so many choices. Please vote for your favourite oil paint brand in this poll and pass it on to your oil painting friends.

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Open Studio Tips (2)

Last week I published my first article on holding an Open Studio. I have been doing open studios for about 10 years and I always enjoy

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Open Studio Tips (1)

Open Studios are great fun and run all over the world. Almost every town or region will have its own open studio event. Why not join

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the past is not so far away after all

finding new meaning
through snippets of History

Busting some Painting Myths along the way

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