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I am a Dutch-born artist, art tutor, writer and art historian, based in the UK. I run my online Art School with courses in oil and pastel painting. On my blog I write about everything art: painting tips and tricks, exhibition and book reviews and so much more. Check out The Art Cafe for a free and supportive community of like-minded arty folks

In my own painting I try to find a dynamic between the past and the present in my painterly depictions of lace, silk, and velvet as well as my portraiture. My portrait work has been exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the BP Portrait Award and elsewhere. I paint in oils and pastel and am available for commissions. 

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Bitesize Blog: Liotard’s Opera Singer

Jean Ettienne Liotard Portrait of Louise Jacquet (opera singer)Pastel, 59.8 x 45 cms, 23 1/2 x 17 3/4 in1748-52Private collection. Photo © Sotheby’s/Art Digital Studio This

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Best Free Online Painting Demonstrations

There are a lot of online painting tutorials. A lot. One could easily spend hours watching them and forget to paint at all. But ever since

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How to Paint an Eye in Pastel

So often people ask how to paint this or that. So often you find tutorials about how to paint something specific. You might have noticed (or

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Create Fine Art prints from your Paintings

Creating prints from your art work is a great way to open up your sales. But once you decided to go for it, an avalanche of

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A Place for Everything Pastel

To blend or not to blend? To fix or not to fix? Do I need to buy those expensive pastels? Where do I start? Are these

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Which Pastel Paper Suits Me Best?

When it comes to sanded pastel papers there is a lot of choice and variety. Any beginning pastel painters would be forgiven for not knowing where

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Vlog: How to Mix Colour on your Canvas

One thing I have learned from working with pastel for so many years, is how to mix your colours on your painting. So many painters struggle

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the past is not so far away after all

finding new meaning
through snippets of History

Busting some Painting Myths along the way

25 Oil Painting Tips

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