Sophie Ploeg Artist

Inspired by the Past

I love how history can put things in perspective and in my research and painting I aim to celebrate the great human story we are all part of.  

I was born and grew up in The Netherlands but have lived in England for over 20 years. After I enrolled at university in Amsterdam to study the history of art/architecture  and philosophy, my academic interests really got going. As I loved the research side of my university years I stayed on after my Masters to do a Ph.D in art history.

During my Ph.D years I regularly travelled to the United Kingdom where I met my (now) husband. I ended up staying in this beautiful country of hobbits and Hawksmoor, Tudors and tea. Having children made me leave academia and pick up my paint brushes and things progressed from then onwards.

I have developed my art by trial and error and have been honoured to be able to show my work at prestigious exhibitions in the UK and abroad. In-person teaching  moved to online painting courses and I now run my own online art school with a variety of courses. 

I started blogging some 20 years ago, initially just to record my painting adventures. It has now grown into a popular blog and resource for around 15 thousand visitors a month. There are well over 250 articles on painting, art materials, art history, exhibitions and book reviews, product reviews and so much more. 

Now that my children are a bit older I am diving back into academia through an MSc in Ancient History at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in Roman art. I am also working on consolidating all my research into the role of lace in Tudor portraiture into an academic article.