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Connecting the Past and the Present in Paint

I am an artist specialised in portraiture and drapery in oils and pastel. I love depicting textiles such as lace and velvet as well as creating evocative portraits. I create paintings that connect the past and the present  by depicting historic objects, faces and textiles. My work has been exhibited at shows like the BP Portrait Awards, the Pastel Society and the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Collectors are found in Europe as well as the US.  
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Busting the Myths of Oil Painting

I also teach, speak and write about art and art history, a lot of which can be found on my Blog.

I can't speak too highly of Sophie Ploeg's blog. She gives detailed, sensible, and comprehensive accounts of materials, tools, and a wide range of practical art-making information. Do visit it.

Sophie Ploeg

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About Sophie

I was born (1974) and grew up in The Netherlands but have lived in England for nearly 20 years. After I enrolled at university in Amsterdam to study architectural history and philosophy, my academic interests really got going. As I loved the research side of my university years I stayed on after my Masters to do a Ph.D in (English Baroque) architectural history.

During my Ph.D years I regularly travelled to the United Kingdom where I met my (now) husband. I ended up staying in this beautiful country of hobbits and Hawksmoor, Tudors and tea. Having children and a less than perfect health made me leave academia and pick up my paint brushes and things progressed from then onwards. I learned through perseverance, joy and the huge internet community of artists, a community I am still part of and learn from every day.

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As Seen at....

My portraiture and textile paintings have been exhibited and collected throughout Europe and the US. I have been lucky to have exhibited my work with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, the Pastel Society, and Manchester Art Gallery amongst many other locations (see for a more comprehensive list my CV ). In 2013 I won the BP Travel Award at the BP Portrait Award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. A series of new works was subsequently exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery. Solo shows at the Harley Gallery and Catto Gallery in London were a highlight as well.

My work has been extensively published in art magazines such as Artists & Illustrators MagazineAmerican Art CollectorThe Pastel Journal as well as books such as 500 Portraits: 25 Years of BP Portrait Award.  My writing has appeared in Artists & Illustrator’s Magazine, Jackson’s Blog and other publications. I do much of my writing on my blog which now reaches around 7 thousand visitors a month and is growing consistently. 

Collectors purchase my work via galleries, exhibitions, via my studio or online.

Sophie’s playful use of costume places her work in a borderland, one that juxtaposes modern dress and vintage lace, everyday faces and imagined characters of the past, classical appearance and modern technique.
 (Artists & Illustrators Magazine, 2016)

Ever since I saw your beautiful oil portraits (at Haynes Galleries in Nashville, TN) of The
Snowflake Children and the one with the Roses tapestry, I have wished to learn more
about your style of painting oil portraits and drawing (or pastel portraits).
Thank you!

Drapery Sketch

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