The Pastel Place

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Deep dive structured course + personal tutor support + private community

A unique and fun online course covering everything soft pastel:  from materials to techniques to art history and demos. Making sure you get the skills and knowledge to be able to paint whatever you want to paint.

Level: All

Painting Drapery

An 8 hour still life painting demonstration + modules on materials

A unique chance to see the whole painting process in real time.  Find out how I paint without using mediums or solvents. 8 Hours of video footage, commentary and extra articles. From the very first mark until framing.

Level: All

Colour Mixing in Pastel

Sophie Ploeg colour mixing in pastel

Half Price £12

A Mini-Course + Personal Feedback 

A short mini-ecourse around colour mixing in pastel. Do you really need a gazillion sticks because you cannot mix on a palette? No you don't. This course will show you how.

Level: Beginners

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You will have access to your course ‘forever’ but you cannot download the material. You can watch the courses on any device and the system will remember where you left off. You can watch, rewind, start again and fast forward as often as you like.  

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The Art School Cafe

Why not pop into the Art School’s brand new cafe, while you are here? It is free and always open.

What is my Next Course Going to Be?

I am in the researching phase of building my next course. But what will it be about?