The Pastel Place

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The Pastel Place

Improve your skills and  confidence in pastel painting in this comprehensive and fun eCourse

The Pastel Place will Re-Open Its Doors very soon!

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An eCourse for all pastel lovers: Dive into soft pastel, get helpful feedback from your teacher and become a confident pastelist within a supportive private community.

Paint whatever you want to paint in pastel; don’t let a lack of knowledge or skills hold you back. 

The Pastel Place eCourse goes beyond a mere beginners course and offers a thorough exploration of the medium. 

The pastel place is fun; you will be stepping inside pastel paintings to explore pastel 'from the inside out'. 

What’s at the Pastel Place?

The Pastel Place consists of a series of video lessons, each with its own assignment.
The course and community will live within my Mighty Network, called The Art Cafe, where it will occupy its own private area. 

The Art Shop

Explore and try out the many different types of pastel papers, and pastel types. What is the difference between hard and soft pastels and various brands? We will discuss what colours you need to get started and how to make sure you work in a safe environment. 

The Pastel Studios

A large number of carefully chosen exercises (around 13) to provide the most efficient learning. We will work on mark making, detail, values,  blending and more. Other topics include coloured papers, a limited palette and composition. I will provide feedback on all assignments. 

The Pastel Museum

Take a deep dive into the history of pastel art and analyse a few old master pastel paintings in the museum to find out how their techniques can help us in our own paintings. Practice applying old master tricks in your own art so you can develop your own portfolio.

Demo Yard

A longer still life demonstration  is included in this course: showing you the whole process from set up, composition, choice of materials and every pastel stroke until the piece is finished.

The Pastel Cafe

In our private community forum (The Pastel Cafe) you will find support and feedback whenever you need it. Here you can post your work, ask questions and have access to me at any time. 

Bonus Alley

Extra bonus lessons include lessons on framing, storage, organising colours, reference photos and how to set up a still life or a portrait sitting. *Coming Soon*

The Pastel Place Guide Book

A work book full of extra information is included in the course (in PDF format). There is a chapter for every lesson so you can read along while painting!

Your Guide

I am Sophie and I will guide you around the Pastel Place. You can pop into the cafe for a break or a chat at any time. We will start by visiting the art shop to get our materials. I will then take you to my studio where you can practice and make a mess.  Step by step we will visit the various places around the square and step by step you will gain experience, knowledge and confidence in painting in pastel.

I have learned to paint with pastel through trial and error over 30 years. I do not follow any particular tutor style or technique.  My approach is practical and not prescriptive. Find your own painting way by doing the exercises and learning the ins and outs of soft pastel.

Questions? Email me!

Sophie Ploeg Pastel

Come Learn at the Pastel Place

Regular access to your tutor so you feel fully supported on your creative journey

Become a more confident painter through the carefully chosen exercises

Gain knowledge and hands-on experience of materials

Be inspired by some great old master pastelists in The Pastel Museum

Make new friends in The Pastel Cafe (private online community)

The Pastel Place will get you fully equipped and ready to paint!

What Will I find in The Pastel Place?

  • 30 Lessons
  • Demonstrations
  • Effective Exercises
  • Supportive Private Community
  • Personal Tutor Support
  • Practical Art History
  • Pastel Techniques
  • Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Pastelists
  • Bonus Material will be added Soon

Testimonials from our Founding Members

If you want to learn how to paint with pastels then this is an excellent on-line course. I was a little wary myself initially, not having followed a course on-line before. Would I miss being with other students?; would I miss having feedback from the teacher on my work and progress ? All these fears were unfounded with Sophie's course. Take the plunge and enter the Pastel Place where you'll receive lots of good tuition in manageable bite size videos, plenty of support and optional feedback on the regular short assignments and a very supportive and friendly community of other learners. The format of the course is also perfect for slotting into busy lifestyles. 


This is the most unique online art course I have taken. The setup is unique and the contents takes a pastel newbie from pastel and paper types through mark making and beyond. Also Sophie is there every step of the way and I think that she is the most valuable resource in the course.

I am really enjoying this course. I had very little experience of working with pastels and this corse has given me a direction. As a beginner I find that it is easy to understand and Sophie seems to be talking to you personally instead of addressing a hugh class. Being able to share and talk with others also doing the course is and excellent idea and provides us all with encouragement.

The Pastel Place will re-open its Doors very soon!