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Paint a Portrait in Pastel

A 5 Day Online Workshop

Follow the daily tuition every day within a supportive group

16-20 September

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If you don't see the link to join the workshop after payment, please email me!!

A 5 day online painting workshop to get your portrait skills into gear!

Hosted within The Art Cafe, in a private side room, let’s get together for 5 days and paint a portrait!

Every morning I will share a short video (around 15mins) in the group, showing the progress of a portrait painting in pastel. 

Monday: welcome and how to get started
Tuesday: Blocking in your main shapes
Wednesday: Working out your colour
Thursday: Refining your shapes
Friday: Refine and finish

There will be daily constructive feedback on your work.

All levels welcome!

The aim is to support and inspire each other, no matter what level. 

Follow Along

You can follow along every day and take the same steps in your own painting!

Together, as a group, and step by step, we’ll develop our painting at roughly the same rate.

Share your progress in the group with photos and stories. Support and encourage each other.

A private small workshop to focus on your portrait painting skills!

Chardin, Self Portrait in Pastel, 1771

This workshop is for those who want to practice their pastel painting skills. 

This workshop will not teach basics like which paper or pastels to choose etc. Of course any and all questions will be answered as best I can. 


You will need a basic selection of pastel and a good quality heavy-weight (>300gsm) sanded pastel paper that can take some layers (Colourfix, Uart, Sennelier LaCarte, Mi-Teintes Touch, Pastelmat, etc).

More info on paper choice here

Reference Photo

I’ll provide a reference photo, or you can use your own photo. As long as it’s a portrait!

Have fun

It’s not about existing skills, it’s about the joy of learning together! So ‘how good’ you are is totally not important. 

How does a Workshop differ from a course?

A course has a curriculum and pre-made lessons. A workshop does not have a curriculum and is mostly about doing something together, at the same time, under the (hopefully) helpful guidance of me and your fellow students. Workshops and courses are held in a private community within the public The Art Cafe. 

Be On Time! 

The group will stay open for a week after the end of the workshop, after which the group will be removed. If you are a few days behind in the workshop that is fine, but make note you only have a week afterwards to catch up. The whole point of the workshop is to do something together at the same time - like in a real-life workshop. 
Enrolment will close on 17 September.

See you in the workshop!

Questions? Drop me a line.

Some Comments about Previous Workshops

Thanks Sophie for the workshop. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. ...and thanks to everyone; it was nice doing this together and learning from you. I hope to do this had been a helpful motivator.
Sophie, I could not have been happier with this workshop - Enjoyed the format with all these talented painters. This was such a great workshop. Loved feeling part of the group and also to have such wonderful tutoring for such an amazing price. I haven’t yet finished but have a bit more confidence to go forward. Thank you Sophie. Xx
really enjoyed the workshop. great clear teaching. also enjoyed seeing how everybody's work progressed & reading feedback & encouragement from others. thank you Sophie.
Loved This Workshop! I Liked That It Was Short And Very Focused And I Could See Results Quickly. Your Daily Videos Were Just The Right Length To Give Good Guidance And Not Overly Long. Your Comments On Our Posts During The Week Were Helpful And Very Encouraging. They Offered Specific Suggestions For Improvement Which I Appreciated.
Absolutely loved it. I enjoy working with others and this felt like we were doing it together as a group as much as one can "virtually." But most of all I enjoy learning from someone who obviously has a great deal of knowledge and is a gentle, kind soul.
Sophie, thanks for a wonderful job conducting the workshop. I liked the format and technique for portraits, it fit my level of skill and provided very good results. It gave me confidence to continue with portrait painting I may not have otherwise pursued.
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