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My favourite paint. A smooth and far spreading high quality professional oil paint. Not oily yet fluid. The most beautiful greyed colours as well as deep and rich jewel like colours. Buy it at the Vasari Website  or buy at Jackson's.

Schmincke Mussini is a beautiful oil paint, made with natural resin. They are exceptional in their colours, especially their transparent colours and earth tones. Great even drying time across the range and wonderful feel (and smell) to them. Can of course be intermixed with other brands. A beautiful paint. Mussini website. Buy at Jackson's.

Beautiful and authentic oil paint made in Australia.  Professional oils which is honest and feels pure.  Different colours have different characteristics.
Available via selected art shops. See also my review here.

Michael Harding
Beautiful rich colours made by Michael Harding who is always ready with advice, help and anecdotes. Lovely paint, buttery but not stiff with some extraordinary rich colours. For no good reason I really like the 60ml tubes (also comes in 40ml, and 225ml), probably because they are less fiddly. Fantastic quality. Michael Harding Website. Buy at Jackson's.

On these pages I want to share oil painting products and services that I think might be useful to my fellow artists.

I have used and tried the products and businesses on these pages and think you’ll enjoy them too. I will only recommend products and services that I have tried, know and like myself.

These pages are being updated regularly so do check back regularly.

Some of these links are affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you purchase via these links, at no extra cost to you. If you do this you will help to keep my blog sustainable and show your appreciation. I have tried and tested these services and products and only list them if I think they can be useful to you.


I love Artfix's universally primed extra fine grain linen and regularly ask Jackson's to stretch me a canvas using this linen via their bespoke canvas builder. It is less absorbent than many others and has a beautiful subtle texture.

Copper. Roberson's Copper etching plates make wonderful oil painting supports. See how to prepare them in this article. Buy them at Jackson's.

Belle Arti is an Italian brand of art surfaces. I love their linen and wooden panels. Their oil primed linen is beautifully smooth and non absorbent. At Jackson's you can buy pre-stretched canvas as well as rolls and MDF boards. Their poplar multi-ply panels ("gesso panels") are very absorbent but beautifully smooth. Belle Art website.

Jackson's Boards

Jackson's Premium Cotton Canvas Art Boards. These boards are great value and good quality. Great for quick studies, workshops, working while travelling or just a more economical solution.


Ampersand Gessobords are beautiful panels ready for painting on. They have a hint of texture but are generally pretty smooth. On 3mm hardboard their gessobords are solid supports. Also comes in cradled versions for larger sizes.  Ampersand Website. Buy at Jackson's.

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