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Top 10 Framing Tips
What should artists and collectors look out for when framing a work of art? After my extensive interview with my[...]
How to Frame Art: An Interview with my Framer
Framing is a big part of many artists’ work. But the choice of a good frame can be tricky. Not[...]
Do You Sell Your Work?
Yes, some people do actually ask me this. It is definitely one of my 'Frequently Asked Questions’. And the answer[...]
How to Care for your Oil Painting
Once you made that decision to purchase or commission an oil painting (from me or any other painter of course)[...]

Thoughts on art

Great History Podcasts
History Podcasts Podcasts are a great way to digest interesting stuff while doing other things at the same time. Walking,[...]
What is Your Painting Style?
How do you find your own painting style? what is your painting style? Is there any way to make sure[...]
The 17th Century in Film
Watching the recently published film Admiral about the Dutch 17th century naval hero Michiel de Ruyter, made me think about[...]
Sky Landscape Artist of the Year: Winner’s Interview
Last night we could watch the final of Sky Landscape Artist of the Year.  This is a painting competition on[...]


RWA Open Exhibition 2018
The 166th RWA Open Exhibition is on again in Bristol, UK. This annual exhibition has been going strong for so[...]
Prized Possessions from the National Trust at the Holburne in Bath
In the 17th century the Brits were mad about the Dutch.  In this eventful century (to put it mildly) there[...]
BP Portrait Award 2018 Review
The BP Portrait Award 2018 is on show at the National Portrait Gallery in London. This most prestigious of portrait[...]
Painter of light and colour: Monet
Claude Monet (1840 - 1926) has always been known to us all for his amazing waterlily paintings. We all know[...]