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Sophie is an artist, writer, tutor and art historian. On this blog you will find painting tips and techniques, art history, exhibition reviews and  more. Tuesdays are posting days!

Sophie’s Blog

I am an artist, writer, tutor and art historian. On this blog I aim to open up the world of art and pick out some inspiration and honest paintings tips. Tuesdays are posting days!

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Soft Pastel: Is It Safe To Use?
I recently heard of an art college that banned soft pastel because they thought it is toxic and should not[...]
Every Kind of People
This lovely exhibition at Lime Tree Gallery in Bristol features not only two brand new pieces from my studio (The[...]
Paint it Black
Black is one of the most difficult colours to get right in painting. Many artists prefer to use Ivory Black,[...]
Tales of Bees and Flowers
For Lime Tree Gallery’s upcoming exhibition ‘Every Kind of People’ I created two small new paintings. I want to tell[...]

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Best Pastel Brands
After another lovely day of teaching students the dusty joys of pastel I thought it might be useful to write[...]
Top 10 Best Books on Painting
The top 10?  Well, maybe a top 11 or 12. And that’s not counting the ones I don’t know about[...]
Busting the Myths of Oil Painting: Supports
An oil painting should be done on canvas, right? Wrong. It can be painted on a whole host of supports[...]
Oil Painting: Toxicity in Oils
Updated May 2018A Hot Topic  amongst many (beginning) oil painters is the toxicity of working with oils. Many people refer[...]

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Why Soft Pastels are not Chalks
Again and again people seem to refer to soft pastels as chalks, chalk crayons, chalk pastels and so forth. Even[...]

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