Art History

I love visiting museums, historical buildings, gardens and galleries. I write about art history regularly and although they all have the ‘Art History’ category label, some are about Architecture while others are small bits of art history served to you as a Bitesize Blog. Other tags to explore are 17th Century, Hardwick Hall, Miniatures, Dogs, Lace, and Dutch Art.

Recent Art History Articles

Leonardo’s Drawings
Until 6 May 2019 there are no less than 12 exhibitions of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings simultaneously all over the[...]
Paint it Black
Black is one of the most difficult colours to get right in painting. Many artists prefer to use Ivory Black,[...]
William Larkin: The Curtain Master
The work of William Larkin (early 1580s – 1619) stands out from the crowd. Not only because some of his[...]

More Art History Posts

The Velvet Top Twelve
Soft and lush, rich and deep colours; velvet is and always has been one of the most gorgeous and tactile[...]
A Short History of Early Lace
Although we may now think of wedding dresses and lingerie when we think of lace, in the 17th century lace[...]
A Treasure Trove in Nottinghamshire
Image: Welbeck Abbey. West front. 19th century photo. Picture: Harley Gallery. Welbeck Abbey Welbeck Abbey is a wonderful estate in[...]
A Master of Pastel
  Although Jean-Étienne Liotard (Swiss, 1702 – 1789) is not very well-known (and I must admit I know very little about him)[...]
Amazing Miniatures: Grand Paintings on a Tiny Scale
  It all started as some tiny illustrations in old books. The images in medieval books such as prayer books[...]
Two Painters, Two Portraits
Two paintings, by two different painters; they currently hang in the same room at the National Gallery in London. One was painted[...]
Bess of Hardwick Hall
I visited Hardwick Hall today, a spectacular Tudor mansion, commissioned and lived in by one of the most illustrious ladies[...]
Let’s Take a Walk in a Dutch Landscape
The Dutch 17th century is a famous period in the history of art because of its prolific production of art.[...]
A Study After Ter Borch
Copying the Old Masters is as old a technique as the old masters themselves. For as long as artists have[...]
Bitesize Blog: Holbein
Hans Holbein, A Lady with a Squirrel and Starling, oil on panel,, 1526-8 Hans Holbein the Younger A Lady[...]
Ten Ruffs
One of the most recognisable and iconic fashion statements of the 17th century surely is the cartwheel ruff. The fancier[...]
Wonders of the Mauritshuis
Precious TreasuresYesterday I visited the Mauritshuis in The Hague, The Netherlands. I had only been in the Mauritshuis once before, many,[...]
Strawberries and Borage in 17th Century Jackets
Jacobean embroidered jackets are a very common sight within the portraiture of the early 17th century. The scrolling patterns with[...]
Some Art (History) Blogs to Enjoy
There are thousands of blogs these days, many of which deal with art or the history of art. It is[...]
10 Fun Art Memes
This post was written by Emma Welsh from Invaluable, an online art auction site with a lively blog. I really[...]
Who is Your Favourite Artist?
This question is often asked but never really answered as I cannot name a single favourite artist. I can't say[...]