Bath Society of Artists 2018 Open Exhibition

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The Bath Society of Artists is currently in its 114th year and having its 113th Open Exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath. The exhibition is made up of works from members as well as non members who submitted work to a panel of judges. I am delighted that two of my paintings were selected. The exhibition features a wonderful selection of mostly figurative art work of a high standard. It is certainly worth a look if you can make it.

My painting ‘Lace in Glass’ at the annual open exhibition of the Bath Society of Artists

Victoria Art Gallery

There are actually two reasons to visit the Victoria Art Gallery: not just the annual exhibition of the Bath Society of Artists but also the collection of the Victoria Art Gallery upstairs is surely worth a look. They have a fabulous overview of art history on display which really shows some highlights from all ages very well. A recent highlight is the portrait of Henry VIII which until recently was considered a 19th century copy, but has now been confirmed as a true and original 16th century portrait. Worth a look!

Portrait of Henry VIII by an anonymous artist, circa 1537-57

Bath Society of Artists

Downstairs at the Victoria Art Gallery (which by the way, looks out over the picturesque river Avon and further on towards the marvellous Holburne Museum) the Bath Society of Artists has put on a busy, colourful and varied art show with hundreds of paintings, sculptures and prints to admire and buy.

The Bath Society of Artists consists of around 120 elected members and is one of the more prestigious regional societies in the country. They have some big and well known names amongst their members such as (names that stood out to me) Peter Brown (of course), Malcolm Ashman, David Inshaw (president), David Cobley, and Richard Twose.

The 113th Open Exhibition

The Open exhibition opened on 24 March and will run until 12 May. It is open every day and the entrance is free.

The exhibition features a huge amount of paintings, prints, and sculptures by local and regional artists. The majority of works are figurative and realistic, there are some abstract pieces. Although this is a regional art show from a regional art club there is definitely nothing provincial about the show. The quality of the works is consistently high. Many portraits, landscapes, and still life appealed to me. This show is warm hearted, of good quality, and features some big names as well as being high on quality.

My two pieces (Two Cushions, a pastel painting, and the oil painting  Lace in Glass) are hanging wonderfully, at eye level and are well matched with the pieces around them. They are both for sale; contact me or the gallery if want more information.

If you cannot visit I have made a compilation of some my favourite works. There were more than I could fit in here so this is just a taster.

Victoria Art GalleryBath Society of Artists
113th Open ExhibitionBridge Street, Bath
24 March – 12 May 2018
Open daily, free entry.

Click the images for an enlargement

The Private View of the Bath Society of Artists 113th Open Exhibition: awards ceremony

Works by Georgia Cox, Nicky Knowles, Penny Ives and Sophie Ploeg (mid row), Rod Craig, Tim Slatter (bottom row)

sSophie Ploeg Pastel painting

Sophie Ploeg, Two Cushions, pastel, Bath Society of Artists, 113th Open Exhibition

Bath Society of Artists

Works by David Brooke and Arran Miles (top mid row)

Bath Society of Artists

Small works wall

Bath Society of Artists

Wundham Rennie, A Curious Excursion, oil

Bath Society of Artists

An arresting portrait by Chloe Murphy

Bath Society of Artists

A great wall with works by Geoff Shillito (left), Catherine Beale (top) and Malcolm Ashman

Bath Society of artists

Nicholas Chaudy, Maria, oil (left), and Amalgamation, oil (right)

Bath Society of Artists

Ian Price, Bottallack February, oil

Bath Society of Artists

Raymond Wirick, Louise, oil

Bath Society of Artists

Barry Paine, Beach Party, acrlic

Bath society of artists

Anna Pinkster, Poppy 1.17, charcoal

Bath Society of Artists

Howard Mason, Fading Away, oil

Bath Society of Artists

Richard Milo, Nocturnal, oil

Sophie Ploeg, Lace in Glass, oil on linen, 30x25cm.

Bath Society of Artists

Margaret Micklewright, Rocks near Pendean, Cornwall, ink.

Published: March 27, 2018

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