Flower painting has been a strong favourite for artists and art lovers for centuries but they really became a subject in itself in the early 17th century. Dutch and Flemish artists took the art of floral painting to a whole new level. Floral still life paintings remained popular ever since. From the lush and over-the-top works of Dutch artists like Bosschaert, to the atmospheric 19th century works of Latour, the impressionism of Monet and Manet and the more expressive works of Van Gogh and later Klimt and Redon; art history is full of inspiration of floral art lovers. Below are some of my favourites.

(image above: Latour, Vase with Chrysantemums)

Ambrosius Bosschaert, Still Life with Flowers, oil, 1614.

Jan van Huysum (1682 - 1749), Floral Still Life, oil, 21x27cm, oil on copper on panel, Mauritshuis, Den Haag.

Claude Monet, Bouquet of Sunflowers, oil, 1881

Henri Fantin Latour, Poppies, oil on canvas, 60x53cm, 1891.

Mary Cassatt, Lilacs in a Window, oil on canvas, 61.5 x 51.1 cm, 1880-83. Link

Vincent van Gogh, Irises, oil on canvas, 1890.

Gustav Klimt, Sunflower, oil, 1907

Odilon Redon, Bouquet of Flowers, pastel on paper, 1900-1905. link

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