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There are a lot of online painting tutorials. A lot. One could easily spend hours watching them and forget to paint at all. But ever since much of the world is in lock down due to the Corona virus we are all looking around for more painting tuition and entertainment. I have opened a new part in my online art school, the 'Shorts' library, which I am building up into a collection of quick and short painting tutorials. But many other artists have taken to online tutorials as well. 

Below I have created a list of some of the best online painting demonstrations that I could find. Please do add your favourites in the comments below (not your own and no spam!).  Together we should be able to keep ourselves busy for quite a few months! 

Let's watch and paint!

Paul Foxton: Daffodils in Oils

Paul is running his own online art school where he teachers his amazing still life skills, Munsell colour theory and the business side of being an artist. He already shares regular Facebook live painting demonstrations but ever since Corona hit the UK he has upped the frequency of these great videos. Check out his Facebook page for lots of painting inspiration and amazing art.

Alain Picard: Painting a Lemon in Pastel

Alain Picard is a master pastel painter who regularly shares fabulous painting demonstrations on YouTube. Here he is painting something as simple as a lemon - which is not so simple after all. Try it and paint along! He'll teach you about form and colour, under-paintings and modelling.

Alex Tzavaras on How to Paint Edges

Alex's YouTube channel, called Simplify, is a great collection of painting demonstrations. He explains some of the basic principles in painting so very clearly. This video I shared with my students as well. Edges can be tricky things, but he makes it make sense. 

Emma Colbert's Pet in Pastel

Emma is a well-known pastel pet portrait artist. She regularly shares her process on YouTube and on her Patreon channel. You can see the whole process from start to finish and see the magic take shape. A joy to watch. Emma uses soft pastel sticks. 

Cuong Nguyen Pastel Portrait

Master pastellist Cuong Nguyen paints amazing, highly detailed portraits in pastel and we can watch along in his Youtube time-lapse demonstrations. He uses pastel pencils and some soft pencils and works in a classical manner.  The video below is part one of five.

Nicolas Uribe

A wonderful channel full of highly inspirational demonstrations, weekly themes and more. Uribe is a master painting that is a joy to watch.  Just watch it. 

Bethany Fields

A fabulous pastel painting demonstration by Bethany Fields, definitely worth a watch.


OK, I am not saying I am as good as some the guys and gals above but if you fancy watching one of mine, here is a recent time lapse I created of me painting a pastel still life. You can also check out my Youtube channel, or simply join Sophie’s Art School for lots of courses and tutorials!


Share your favourite painting demonstrations in the comments below. Please check if someone has already mentioned your favourite otherwise we'll end up with endless repetition! Thanks!

Published: March 30, 2020

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  1. Thank you for suggestions so far – they’re all going on The List. To add a couple of my favourites: I follow Jason Morgan on Patreon but I believe he also puts out free YouTube content. For pen and ink work Alphonso Dunn’s YouTube channel is excellent.

  2. Thank you for your very interesting post. I would add Karen Margulis, a well known pastellist, who has a very active youtube channel. She is a partcularly good teacher ane excells at simplifying pastel painting.
    I would also add Marla Bagetta’ youtube cannel where she often shows how she pastels in the impressionist manner. Have a look, it’ really worthwhile.

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