Best Pastel Brands

After another lovely day of teaching students the dusty joys of pastel I thought it might be useful to write a blog post about all the different pastel brands available. Well,  I have not tried them all. But I can share my experiences with the pastel brands that I know and love and can recommend.

I have also included brands I have not tried but know are insanely popular amongst pastel artists. For example, those Terry Ludwigs look pretty attractive! Those are on my want-to-try list, for sure!  Whenever I try a brand I have not reviewed before I will add my findings to this post. Do let me know your experiences and your favourite brands so we can come to a comprehensive list together?

Sophie Ploeg pastels
  • Prices are taken from Jacksons Art Materials to help compare. Pastels will probably have different prices in different countries as local brands will no doubt be cheaper than imported ones. Popularity often depends on country as availability and price will be better for homegrown brands.
  • Star rating is my personal opinion and preference, or if I have never tried the brand, based on what I heard from colleages and friends. The star rating is by no means intended as objective but just as informative.
  • All of the brands listed here I would happily recommend. Brands that I find no good are not listed. 
  • Click the brand headings for more info and purchasing at Jacksons Art Supplies.
  • Disclaimer: The links in this article are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase through these carefully chosen links. It will cost you nothing  extra and you would support this blog for which I would be most grateful. 

Great Pastel Brands

In order of what comes to mind first:


Professional pastels by Dutch manufacturer Talens. My favourite pastel since I was a teenager. Rembrandt pastels are a soft pastel but they are on the hard side of the spectrum. That means they are very suitable for fine detail and neat lines. A large range of colours and a good price makes these pastels a great choice for all levels of artists. 218 colours. £2.20


Sophie Ploeg Rembrandt Pastels



British brand of hand made pastels. These pastels are much softer than Rembrandts and come in a gorgeous range of colours. They are particularly good at yummy earth colours. The stroke of a Unison is much thicker than a hard pastel so although you can get small detail, these pastels are great for more painterly work. Nearly 400 colours. £2.90 each.


Sophie Ploeg Unison pastels



German brand of excellent pastels. These pastel are really soft and buttery. They break or crumble much easier than hard pastels, naturally, but they are very beautiful to work with. Wonderful rich colours and great quality. Good for painterly painters. 400 colours. £3.20 each.


Schmincke pastel


Very, very soft pastels of high quality. Great colours, but extremely soft pastels Because they are so soft they are very fragile and will crumble quite easily. 522 colours. £2.40 each.


sennelier pastel

Terry Ludwig

Square, hand made, soft pastel. Highly rated amongst pastelists. 640 colours. Only available in sets at Jacksons. Singles available elsewhere. approx. £3.60 each (depending on set size).


Terry ludwig pasetl

On Sophie's want-to-try-list

Art Spectrum

Art Spectrum Soft pastel. Jacksons: "Comparable with Rembrandt for its medium – softness consistency, but slightly more gritty in their feel.154 shades of pure, brilliant and intense colour, many of which are unique to Art Spectrum and inspired by the colours found in their native Australia.”  154 colours. £2.30 each.


art spectrum pastel

Not tried

Faber Castell

Square Soft Pastel. Affordable and decent quality pastels. Quite a hard pastel, harder than Rembrandt. Good range of colours. Affordable price. Student/professional. Only available in sets.


Faber Castell pastel


Square soft pastels. Affordable and very popular student range of pastels. Decent quality and colours. Only available in sets. 


inscribe pastel

Cretacolor Carre Pastels

Hard pastel. Great range of colours, easy to use and hard enough for travel. Only available in sets.


Cretacolor Carre pastels


Hand made soft pastels. 200 colours. £2 each. 


Jacksons pastel

Not tried


Soft pastel in a pan (like watercolour or make up) and applied with a sponge or applicator.


pan pastel

Not tried

Also popular: Girault, Henry Roche, Mount Vision, Richeson, Townsend.

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