Book: Paintings. Fabrics and Lace

It is nearly Christmas and this year I wanted to do something special. So I have designed this gorgeous coffee table book which features my lace and fabric paintings. I chose the lushest paper and a large format to make it really special. And the result is really beautiful.  I am not saying my paintings are the reason for it, as I will leave you to be the judge of that, but the print quality is just superb. I really hope you will get a chance to have a look.

The book is 50 pages long, printed on heavy weight paper with a soft sheen for extra depth in the darks and blacks. I have added only a few pages with text, dotted around the book for some relief from the otherwise beautifully printed portfolio of works.

It is a hardcover bound in black linen with a glossy dust cover. Most of the paintings are printed as one per page. Some are a full or two-page spread, a few are smaller works and printed as two per page.

The colour reproductions are really excellent and the book feels luxurious and beautiful. The book is 30x30cm and 1.1cm thick. I think it would make a beautiful Christmas present, but I might be biased. Have a look for yourself.

You can buy it here:

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I have made a short video to show you more.

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