Colour Mixing in Pastel

written by Sophie | Beginners, Pastel

How to mix  colours to create the ones you don’t have

Take this short course to learn how to layer your colours and create the most amazing shades

Busting the Myths of Pastel Painting


(there is not music and talking at the same time in the actual  course)

  • The course includes personal feedback on your work
  • Basic colour mixing with primary colours
  • A painting demonstration in real time
  • Learn how the old masters did it
  • Join in a private forum with fellow students

A Gazillion Pastel Sticks?

Were you told you need a gazillion pastel sticks because you cannot mix colours?

You CAN mix colours and you should mix colours! Creating art is not ‘paint by numbers’ and so we do not need a ready-made colour for everything. We mix in order to create subtle shades, transitions and liveliness. Your own unique way of mixing will emerge and contribute to your own style.

Take this short course to learn how to layer your colours and create the most amazing shades


Lesson 1

 Mixing colours you don't have 
(8 mins video)
An introduction: what to do when you don't have certain colours.

Lesson 2

Basic colour mixing with primaries
(9 mins video)
How to mix primary colours and how to apply that technique in a painting

Lesson 3

A painting demonstration
(12 mins video)
A painting demonstration showing how I layer and mix my colours. Painting a green pot with a million shades of green....

Lesson 4

How did the Old Masters do it?
(4 mins video)
A quick look at some old-master pastel painting for inspiration and ideas.

Lesson 5

Your Turn
Pick up your pastels and try out what you’ve learned.

Sophie Ploeg pastel colour mixing
Sophie Ploeg colour mixing in pastel

Published: December 9, 2018

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