Do You Sell Your Work?

written by Sophie | Sophie’s Studio

Yes, some people do actually ask me this. It is definitely one of my ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. And the answer is of course I sell my work! Nearly all my paintings are for sale. The only paintings not for sale are commissioned portraits, obviously, and most portraits of my children.


You can view my work either in exhibitions (check out the News page or sign up to my newsletters to stay up to date), during Open Studio days in the Spring or by appointment in my studio. Catto Gallery in London has a few pieces in stock which you can request to see if it is not on show.

If you live too far you can request more images of my work by email to get a feel for it.


If you do decide to go for it, there is always the guarantee that if you don’t like it you can return it (in perfect condition) for a full refund.


Most paintings are framed and the frame is included in the price. I or the gallery where the piece is located can send you pictures of the work framed, detail shots etc. If you don’t like the frame we would be happy to reframe it or sell it to you without the frame and reduce the price accordingly.


If you want to go ahead I will send you the painting via a specialist art courier in the UK. If you live abroad I will package the painting securely in sturdy cardboard boxes or a wooden crate and use a standard courier for shipping. Of course paintings can be sent all over the world.


I make a point of creating paintings with professional and archival materials and methods if at all possible. I will do my best to make sure you can enjoy the painting for the longest period of time possible, for generations to come.


I also take on commissioned work. A small portrait drawing from a photo, a pet portrait, or a full oil portrait from sittings can all be arranged and will vary in cost. I can also paint still life or figure paintings on commission featuring textile heirlooms. Special celebration paintings can feature a wedding dress, bridal bouquet or a Christening gown to give just a few examples.  There are lots of possibilities so please have a look at my special Commissions page or do not hesitate to simply ask.

Published: November 10, 2017

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