This lovely exhibition at Lime Tree Gallery in Bristol features not only two brand new pieces from my studio (The Light of Stars... and Tales of Bees and Flowers) , but also some amazing works by well-known artists such as Aldo Balding, Jackie Anderson, Chris Bennett, Aine Divine, Michael Clark, Armen Asparian, Mary Griffiths, Rob Hewer, Natasha Kumar, Steven Lindsay, Olivier Lovley, Greg Mason, Olga Oreshnikov, Sylvia Paul, Malcolm Taylor and Nikolai Reznichenko.

See below an impression

Works by Greg Mason,  Aldo Balding, Steven Lindsay

Works by Nikolai Reznichenko

‘Fola’ by Gregory Mason

Works by Jackie Anderson (left), Sophie Ploeg (middle) and Robert Hewer (right)

‘Sisters’ by Chris Bennett

‘Helena’ by Aine Divine

Gallery owner Sue surrounded by works by Armen Gasparian

Works by Natasha Kumar (left), Robert Hewer (wall) and Gregory Mason (floor)

The exhibition is open until 26 February 2019 and can also be viewed (and bought) online.

Lime Tree Gallery,
84 Hotwell Road
BS8 4UB 
T: 0117 929 2527
E: [email protected]

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Sophie is an artist, art historian, tutor, author and blogger. She writes on oil and pastel painting, art history and the life of an artist. She paints portraits and still life and specialises in painting drapery and lace.

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