My Extra Special Christmas Selection!

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Christmas Gift Guide for Artists

(or their loved ones)

This is my very own Special Spectacular Christmas Gift Guide

I went to have a real good browse at Jackson’s Art Supplies and I chose 10 gifts that I thought you, as an artist,  would like the best.  It was quite hard, I must say, as there is so much choice. Me in the ‘candy store’! But I resurfaced with loads of arty ideas.

If you use the (affiliate) links below then brand new customers will get 10% off their first order! And…

Some of the gifts below come with a special code. My very own discount code will give you 10% off those products! Scroll down to see which arty gifts are included.

My choice for this Christmas:

Derwent Artists Coloured Pencils, wooden gift set of 120 pencils

For Christmas you don’t want a plastic case or a cardboard box! It’s gotta have a golden bow and come nicely wrapped. Even as kid a box of pencils would be one of my favourite presents. It just looks so yummy. Derwent artists pencils are a great allround pencil; good for detail as well as more painterly work. The colour is excellent. Great for serious artists and those who have been extra good this year. Not sure it comes with a golden bow though.

*Buy it here for £138


Fabriano Venezia Sketch Book

A Nice sketchbook for Christmas. Not the usual soft cover boring ones you buy for yourself throughout the year, but a really nice one. One you would not buy for yourself. You know what I mean. I haven’t tried this one but it has loads of good reviews and it looks gorgeous.

Use Sophie’s special code to get 10% off this sketchbook: SP10OFF
(valid until 15 Dec)

*Buy it here for £17.40 


Rembrandt Soft Pastel: Sophie’s Portrait Selection

This is a little bit special.

You know most paint brands will come up with a portrait or a landscape set? And am I the only one who finds they never contain the right colours? So I have come up with a portrait set of 15 Rembrandt pastels. No, it is not a ‘real’ set. Rembrandt doesn’t actually ‘do’ this set.

From my own pastel collection, I have selected the colours I use the most and find the most useful when painting portraits. So for anyone who does not know where to start, which colours to choose, and wants a beginner set of portrait colours: this is my Portrait Selection. If you put them in a nice little box you’ll have the perfect present!

£2 each

My Selection:


[wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”]

Permanent Red 372.10
Burnt Sienna  411.10
Light Oxide Red 339.7
Caput Mortum Red 343.8
Yellow Ochre 227.5
Raw Umber 408.9
Burnt Umber 409.8
Permanent Red 372.5

Burnt Sienna 411.5
Raw Umber 408.5
Olive Green 620.5
Ultramarine Deep 506.7
Prussian Blue 508.7
Light Oxide Red 339.3
Black 700.5


Use Sophie’s special code to get 10% off this selection: SP10OFF
(valid until 15 Dec)

I have looked around for a nice little box and the best I could find was this wooden one. The pastels should fit and you’ll have 7 slots left over (for some extra pastels or perhaps to add the sticks the artist already has)

Wentworth Box Easel

All-in-one, carry it anywhere, use on any table.  Perfect for artists who are struggling with space. I started out in the corner of the living room too and this would have been perfect. It can take canvas up to an impressive 85 cm, it tilts, folds flat (38x41cm), and has a drawer for bits and bobs. The drawer opens sideways so you can access your stuff while painting.  Large number of very positive reviews.

Use Sophie’s special code to get 10% off the Wentworth Box Easel: SP10OFF
(valid until 15 Dec)

*Buy it here for  £47 (special offer £28.20 until 26 November. In fact almost all easels are on offer until 26 Nov.)

Global Antique Brown Leather Pencil Case

It’s Christmas. So you treat with a luxurious quality leather pencil case instead of the plain old normal ones. This looks a treat. It probably feels it too. Great for those drawing classes and café sketches. Leather, takes 48 pencils. Nice.

*Buy it here for £32Cretacolor Creativo Drawing Set of 27

This has been one of the most useful drawing sets I ever got. It’s got such a great variety of products in there and will last a very long time. Try something different than those plain old graphites! Nice treat, practical tin, good looking.

*Buy it here for £30

Jackson’s Adjustable Artist Apron

OK, so this looks a little mundane. An apron surely is in the same category as pants and socks for Christmas? I remember Jackson’s asking artists what they wanted from an apron. They really put thought and effort into creating a really useful apron.  It’s got pockets, is adjustable (great for short artists like me or very tall ones), doesn’t pull your neck, splash proof and sturdy.  Will no doubt last for years. I should get one.

*Buy it here for £23.50


These things populate life drawing rooms, art clubs and art classes all over the country. Super handy toolboxes with the mobile artist in mind. Perfect to keep or carry all sorts of stuff and comes in all sizes.

Use Sophie’s special code to get 10% off all Artbin products: SP10OFF
(valid until 15 Dec)

*Small 2 Tray: Buy it here for £18.20

DVD: Haidee-Jo Summers Vibrant Oils

Haidee-Jo Summers has been busy with a book and a DVD. She inspires like no other to go out there, enjoy the view, the weather and paint! Uplifting and inspiring

*Buy it here for £27.50

Old Holland Classic Oil Set

This is a real treat. It is costly, true, but a dream for most oil painters. Gorgeous box, everything you need for oil painting such as brushes, palette, medium, medium cups and a good colour selection of 11 full sized tubes of paint. Old Holland is the top choice for many professional oil painters. It is thick and buttery, fairly heavy paint. It has a beautiful array of colours and to top it all of, it’s Dutch. 😉  Drool.

*Buy it here for £194

Will you let me know what you think of my choice? What will you ask/give for Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Shall we do a Gift Guide for Art Lovers (not artists) next week? 😉 That means I can go (pretend-) shopping again!

Jackson’s can and does ship their goodies all over the world. Postage is reasonable and I know many artists from all over get their materials there, as do I.

Disclaimer: The gifts in this guide are affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you use these links for your purchases. Please support this blog by purchasing via these links at no extra cost to yourself. New Jackson’s customers who shop via my links get 10% off their first order (on top of the special Christmas code)! I only ever recommend products I love, have tried,  or know to be good. 

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