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Choosing frames can be difficult and even daunting. Modern and minimalist or traditionally moulded? Gold-leaf or white washed? The choices are endless. Walk into any framer’s workshop and the walls look like a candy shop of yummy gorgeousness with beautiful bare wood of all types and gold leaf calling your name.

What goes best with the painting in hand depends on your taste, your interior and of course the painting itself. But even then choices remain. I love my frames fairly traditional. My paintings are realistic but they speak of the past. They are a tad dramatic and I like my frames to speak the same language.


But although I like traditional dramatic frames, I do find overly wrought golden frames distracting and a tad old fashioned. I would rather see those baroque dreams on a truly historic piece or a mirror. My work is not old-fashioned and so I try to choose my frames very carefully to reflect the balance between contemporary style and historical inspiration. I am aware that it might not suit everyone’s taste but I suppose I cannot cater for everyone’s taste and I simply hope that if people like my paintings they might like the frames I choose for them too. That does not mean, however, that my paintings might not look good in a completely different frame!


On some occassions I have chosen a minimalist modern frame to counter the warm and more traditional painting. The contrast can often be interesting, especially in a modern interior.  If you are not into the overly decorative ones there is always the option to buy any of my paintings without its frame or have it re-framed by a reputable framer. After all, every (wo)man to his taste!

Most (not all) of my frames come from a company called Frinton Frames who make them bespoke for me. They hand finish each frame individually and they look truly beautiful. I have used them for years and each time I take delivery of some frames I am delighted by their beauty and craftsmanship. I have gotten frames elsewhere and regretted it, but Frinton frames never disappoint. ​​See below for a short film showing me unpacking a delivery of frames.

​For my pastel paintings, I must add, I go to a specialist framer. Pastel paintings require specialist framing and I am very happy to have found a framer who knows her stuff. I will write a blog post about pastel framing soon!In this blog post are some examples of the frames I use. They vary from traditional moulded frames to more modern minimalistic frames. If you want to come see them for real I hope to see you at one of my exhibitions!

Some links to interesting articles about framing art:

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