From Concept to Wall

It is always a real joy to see my paintings on the wall at a collector’s house. Of course it gives me a boost to keep on working and get better, but it also shows how a work of art can really be something unique and special in someone’s home.

The first painting I created for The Lace Trail (BP Travel Award project) was The Lace Maker; a portrait of a young girl, wearing a 17th century piece of lace around her modern shoulders. It would be the first of a series of four paintings in which I explored the stages of life, a woman’s life in particular; for each painting portraying a woman at a different age. The first painting showed a girl of 9 years old, while the others were women aged around 30, 60 and 80.  After the painting sold,  I received a picture of The Lace Maker on the wall at the collector’s home, and the circle of artistic creation was fulfilled. Here are some pictures of the painting, from its initial concept and idea to finding a new home. ​

Sketch book, noting down ideas, trying out lace patterns…

Underpainting with burnt umber and titanium white

Finished painting

The Lacemaker’ at the National Portrait Gallery in London, in the BP Portrait Award 2014 Exhibition

The Lacemaker at her forever home…


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