So it is a week before Christmas, so perhaps a little late to come up with a gift list. But many shops still deliver on time, so why not check out these suggestions. I’ve put together a list of gifts that I think would make a great start of the new year. Gifts to spruce up your home, your studio or your knowledge; gifts for yourself or someone else.

For fans of my paintings: 

Sophie Ploeg

Large & Luxurious Book

A beautifully printed hardcover portfolio book featuring my fabrics and lace paintings. 

Now in the Christmas Sale  £60  £51.99

Sophie Ploeg oil painting brushes

Start the year with a clean palette

A ‘Proper' Palette

for those romantic painters

I know that a new palette, whether you actually need one, or you just fancy one of those gorgeous wooden ones - is definitely something to get your year off to a great start. A fantastic Christmas present for anyone. Imagine that feel of excitement when you start painting. A palette  is a much loved studio tool, why not try one of those fancy wooden ones, or how about a glass one? I am afraid I am not romantic enough and will stick to my tear-off palette.

Sophie Ploeg oil painting brushes

Wall Art with a Capital A

epic poster from The national gallery

I think these posters look amazing - imagine a Dutch floral still life nearly 2 meters tall? It's like that feature wall but then properly done! Great idea and looks amazing! I want one. 

Sophie Ploeg oil painting brushes

Paint for Paint lovers

Langridge Oil Paint

One of the nicest paints I have tried. A paint for for ‘paint nerds’ and a real treat. See also my review here and then hop over to Jackson’s to try out some colours!

Sophie Ploeg oil painting brushes

Original Art By Sophie

A Painting by Sophie

What better treat than an original, unique work of art, painted by yours truly?  Treat yourself, or your loved-one to a touch of history, a moment’s peace. Browse the collection here

Sophie Ploeg oil painting brushes

For Pastel Fans

Try a new paper

Why not treat yourself with a pastel paper that is new to you. Pastel papers are so varied and different, there are not many alike. I've got some Uart Paper ready for trying (hope to report back soon) so why not inject some fun into your painting and try out something new!

Sophie Ploeg oil painting brushes

Take a Peek in the Studio

Painting Drapery

An online Painting demonstration

Watch Over My Shoulder While I Paint A Still Life Without Using Any Mediums. 8 Hours of video over 10 chapters. Be a fly on the studio wall!

Special Christmas Offer $150  $99
(until 31 December)

Sophie Ploeg oil painting brushes

Reading for Profit

Give your art a business boost

Cory Huff’s book is a decent guide for artists that need a business boost. Read my book review here and purchase the book on Amazon UK here:

Sophie Ploeg oil painting brushes

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase through these carefully chosen links. It will cost you nothing  extra and you would support this blog for which I would be most grateful. 

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