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History Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to digest interesting stuff while doing other things at the same time. Walking, painting, cleaning, and even filling up sleepless nights: all great times to listen to a podcast. I enjoy art, history, blogging and small business podcasts. Last week I shared my favourite art podcasts. Below I list my favourite history podcasts. Please add your favourites in the comments below!




Dan Snow’s History Hit
Loving Dan’s podcasts on a wide variety of topics but always brought home with down to earth interviews and evocatieve stories. Keep an eye out for Dan Snow’s History Hit TV – about to launch in November 2017, or check out his Treasures of British History book

Renaissance English History Podcast
Heather Teysko takes us into Tudor Britain with stories, interviews and more.

In Our Time: History
A variety of topics but always interesting and at a high level.

History Extra Podcast
The podcasts that goes with the magazine but just as good on its own. Lots of topics, interesting and varied.

Historical Royal Palaces Talks and Lectures
Wonderful and often well known historians talk about the royals and their culture. I really enjoyed Tracy Borman talking about Thomas Cromwell for example. Or a discussion about sacred music in Henry VIII’s court, but there is more modern stuff as well.

Published: November 7, 2017

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