My solo exhibition at The Harley Gallery opened this weekend with a ‘Walk & Talk’ which was very well attended. I am very pleased with the exhibition and the many lovely comments I have received so far. I hope you get a chance to see it but here are some images, a magazine article  and a short film to give you a taster

The Paintings

PictureIn an earlier blog post I have written something about the new paintings in this exhibition. Identity & Dress also features my BP Travel Award series of paintings, which I titled ‘The Lace Trail’. A selection of these have toured the UK in 2014-2015 but for the first time all ten are now on display together.  Besides the two blog posts you can find all the paintings on this page on my website.  All works are for sale, unless stated otherwise. Price list on request or contact The Harley Gallery.

The Gallery

The exhibition is on show in two gallery spaces upstairs at The Harley Gallery (lift available). One room displays the Travel Award works and the other the Portland Series. Both spaces are beautifully lit and feature warm grey walls.  My miniatures are put in a gorgeous little display case and put on the table in the middle of the room, where some relevant art books are available to look into, including my book The Lace Trail, written to accompany the BP Travel Award project.Picture




My opening talk was very well attended and I am very grateful for all the interested and friendly faces, comments and questions. Many people ask me whether I have ever tried to make lace myself which I haven’t. I fear I am too spoiled by 17th century wonders to be able to like anything I could ever clumsily manufacture from thread myself.  Another popular question is how I find the time to produce so many paintings in a short period of time. Of course winning the BP Travel Award was such a special honour, I could not possibly risk not making the most of it, and so my very patient family gave me all the time and space I needed besides having to eat a few more ready-meals! How long does it take me to paint a painting? Ah, that is a tricky question. How long is a piece of string? Some paintings ‘flow’ easily and come together within a month, others can take over 6 months to finish!


Out now is the December issue of UK art magazine Artists & Illustrator’s Magazine, which features my exhibition in a 5-page article. Do look below for a preview. The article was written by Natalie who came to my studio for a chat. She wrote a fabulous piece that describes my work and work process brilliantly. Read the article here





The catalogue to the exhibition can be found here:


The Harley Gallery
A60 Mansfield Road, Welbeck, Worksop,
Nottinghamshire, S80 3LW
Email: [email protected]
​Tel: 01909 501 700
Entry is free

Opening Hours:
The Harley Gallery is open daily, Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm

Worth visiting while you are there:
The Portland Collection is open daily, 11am – 4pm.
The Harley Café is open daily, Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm,  Sunday 10am – 4pm.
Closed over the Christmas period and Easter Sunday.



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