How to Frame a Painting

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What should artists and collectors look out for when framing a painting? After my extensive interview with my framer (read that here) I took out ten tip for you to quickly take on board. Framing art can be daunting sometimes and some framers even hand out pretty odd advice! Take these 10 tips on how to frame a painting and your home should look fab!

Ten Tips on Framing Art

1. You should always be able to change the frame; so the art work should never be damaged by the framing or secured forever.

2. Do not use nylon cord, string or wire to hang an artwork, as that will lose its strength over time. Use a good quality polyester cord.

3. For works on paper, use acid free, conservation grade mounts to avoid yellowing and fading of the mount.

4. Do not attach works on paper with tape all around the mount as it will make the art work ripple or cushion. Hang it from just a couple of pieces of tape at the top so it can hang freely.

5. When figuring out the width of a mount, take your time and try out different widths to see what looks best.

6. Pastel paintings need a good distance between the artwork and the glass (>5mm) to avoid any static lifting pastel dust. This can be done by using a double mount, a gutter mount or a spacer.

7. Textiles should be laced with polyester wool or tapestry thread, never pinned or stuck down a backing board, as the pins might rust and any glue might cause ripples and stains.

8. A modern minimalist frame might look just as good as a traditional one. Try out and choose what suits your interior and the artwork best.

9. Fantastically baroque frames might look amazing but can be very overpowering or distracting for a painting. Sometimes they are better suited to mirrors in order to do their beauty justice. Artwork and frame should never compete for attention but complement each other.

10. Don’t skimp on the frame; a beautiful and well made frame will complement the artwork and give joy for years to come. A nasty and chaep frame will keep on annoying you. I have wasted much money in the past, by going for cheaper frames, having to re-frame at a later stage as I always regretted opting for cheap.

For a much more extensive article on framing, please have a look a this article: How to frame art: an interview with my framer

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Published: June 19, 2018

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