Making a Mark: The BP Travel Award

written by Sophie | Sophie’s Studio
Making a Mark blog has written an extensive post and review about my BP Travel Award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I am very grateful to the author, Katherine Tyrrell, who has taken the time to write such a wonderful post. It even includes a video interview with me! I hope you will enjoy it. And thank you Making a Mark.


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an extract:

Video interview with Sophie Ploeg
I interviewed Sophie prior to the opening of the exhibition to the public and she provided a splendid account of what it’s like winning the award and the work involved to deliver the exhibition – and a book to accompany it.


What I found very pleasing is that all of her portraits were of women. Sophie’s portraits also provide a contemporary twist on the early 17th century portraiture she studied in museums across the UK and the Netherlands.  I found myself guessing which portrait paintings had inspired her!
Sophie and her models
Another layer to the portraits completed are the portraits which inspired Sophie’s portraits.
I wanted to honour these women (in the 17th century paintings) and the lace in my portraits. Although the sitters were often rich and famous they were still just women, like me and perhaps you, with their own feelings and taste. Their beautiful portraits inspired me to create portraits of women today: 21st century women. I have created four portraits that each represents a phase in our life, four generations of women. he women are not related in any way, except they share many things with us and the women of 400 years ago.


Header Photo: K. Tyrrell




Published: August 17, 2014

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