Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year

written by Sophie | Thoughts on Art

Last week I shared the most popular posts on painting from 2017. This time I would like to share the most popular posts that are not so much about painting, but art history, exhibition reviews and more.

Which posts did you like the best and which were particularly helpful? Do let me know!

My blog has received nearly 100K visitors this year, which I think sounds pretty cool. Thank you so much everyone to help me make this blog as informative, inspirational and beautiful as possible.


10 Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year

Art History

 The 10 Best Lace Paintings
The best lace painters in art history (with a slight bias for the 17th century). Which artist could really depict the delicacy,  transparency and refinement of lace?


 A Short History of Early Lace
How did lace come to exist and how did it become so popular?


Exhibition Reviews

 BP Portrait Award 2017 Review
My review of the BP Portrait Award 2017. The winners and the favourites….


 RWA Open Exhibition Review
The good, the bad and the ugly? The RWA had a very mixed show this year.


Painting and Studio

 My Essentials
What are my painting essentials in the studio, besides and easel and paint?


 Copyright and Watermarks for Artists
Do artists need to add watermarks to their online images? And can we lose our copyright?


 Painting Lace
How to paint lace; which brushes, mediums and techniques do I use?


 Book Review: Figurative Artists Handbook
My review of the Figurative Artists Handbook: good and bad.


What is Your Painting Style
Should we all aim to find our own personal painting style? What is that anyway? And how do we find it?


 Which Website Builder is Best for Artists?
Which website builder is best for an artists’ website? I compare Weebly, Wix and Squarespace.


Published: December 26, 2017

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