My Gear List

Please find below a list of all the materials I currently use and love.


My favourite easel ever: A Hughes easel, model 3000.
I also use a small table easel from Jacksons for workshops but also in my studio for smaller work. My old Mabef easel comes out for workshops or when I need to work on two large pieces at the same time. 


My favourite brushes, at the moment, are Jackson’s Shinku for broader work and Onyx for fine detail. Ask again in a few months as I might have changed (I change brands often).


My favourite paint is Vasari Oils. Also love Michael Harding paint and quite a few other brands (see here for my favourites).

Brush Cleaner

I clean my brushes with Master’s Brush Cleaner (when I remember ahem). During painting I just wipe on some kitchen towelling.


My palette is a wonderful grey disposable paper palette from New Wave. I love the fact it has no thumbhole as I don’t hold it but keep it next to me. 

Linen Boards

At the moment I like using Jackson’s linen boards as I prefer a rigid surface but also the fine texture of linen. 


 I use Rembrandt and Unison pastels.

Art Spectrum Colourfix

Pastel Paper

My favourite pastel paper is Art Spectrum Colourfix. See also this blog post about pastel papers.


I currently use Gamvar to varnish my oil paintings.

Ask me what else I use and I will add it here!

Check out more recommended products and services in my Resources!

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