Unison soft pastel are some of the most popular pastels in the world. But is Unison any good? How soft

We all make mistakes. Imagine what the world would look like if we didn't. And it is no different in

The past year has been one full of amazing student art in my online art school. Students tackled a variety

I have been intrigued by the portraits of pregnant women, such as the ones painted by Marcus Gheeraerts. Pregnancy is

Many art schools use art critiques as an important part of their teaching. And I am sure it works very

Painting a portrait in oils can seem daunting but if you follow a thorough method you will avoid many pitfalls.

Recently I was commissioned to paint a formal portrait of Cllr Harry Bramer – then Mayor of Ross-on-Wye. Of course

Early this year we were all shocked by the spreading pandemic. Many of us were put into some form of

So often we think that learning new techniques, getting new (and better) materials and signing up to the next course

August 2019There are so many people (I mean women artists) asking me this. “How do you do it?” "How do

I am proud to present the End of Year Show 2020 of Sophie's Art School! Our school is an online

I never considered painting to consist of separate different skills until I started teaching. Not that I missed knowing about