On December 19, 2017

Painting a Self Portrait: Video

I made a Christmas present for you. And I really hope you will like it. I will wait slightly apprehensively while you open it and hope to see a smile on your face. What is it, you ask impatiently. Well, I made you a video. And yes, you have to share it with the others.

While I painted a self portrait in pastel I filmed the progress and turned it into a nearly 20mins video demonstration. It is my first video in which I talk so I still find hearing my own voice totally weird, but hopefully I am the only one who thinks that.

The painting took me a few weeks to do (not full time every day) so the video shows my progress in a compressed form. As usual the process of painting goes through good and bad stages, fixing mistakes and trying again. You can see how I use pastel; which techniques I use and like. I hope you will like the end result!

Enjoy the Videos!

About the author 

Sophie is an art historian, artist, art tutor, and writer. She writes on art history and painting (oils and pastel). The 17th century is probably her favourite era, although the ancient Romans are currently fighting for the lead spot. She is currently researching lace in Tudor portraiture.

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  1. It was great watching you develop your 2 self portraits. You have inspired me to paint myself for the first time. Thanks.

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