Painting a Self Portrait: Video

I made a Christmas present for you. And I really hope you will like it. I will wait slightly apprehensively while you open it and hope to see a smile on your face. What is it, you ask impatiently. Well, I made you a video. And yes, you have to share it with the others.

While I painted a self portrait in pastel I filmed the progress and turned it into a nearly 20mins video demonstration. It is my first video in which I talk so I still find hearing my own voice totally weird, but hopefully I am the only one who thinks that.

The painting took me a few weeks to do (not full time every day) so the video shows my progress in a compressed form. As usual the process of painting goes through good and bad stages, fixing mistakes and trying again. You can see how I use pastel; which techniques I use and like. I hope you will like the end result!

Enjoy the Videos!

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2 thoughts on “Painting a Self Portrait: Video”

  1. It was great watching you develop your 2 self portraits. You have inspired me to paint myself for the first time. Thanks.

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