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Whether your are just dipping your toes into art, or you are looking to expand your skill set with a new medium, these ‘Beginners’ blog articles will help you on your way. Find the latest posts below and click ‘more’ if you want more!

Online courses 

A private online community

Tried and tested painting techniques

Sophie’s Art School


Oil Painting

Oil Painting is full of mystery. It’s complicated. Or is it? Blog articles to debunk the greatest myths, to celebrate common sense, and to get you painting without concerns.


Materials & Technique

Paint reviews, materials list, how-to articles, studio materials and so much more. For all artists wanting to figure out how to do something or what that paint is like. 



Pastel brand reviews, pastel papers, pastel techniques, how-to articles and so much more.  Look here for everything pastel.



Book reviews. Books on painting, creativity and art history. 


Art Business

Is art a business and if so, how do you run it?  Articles on how to get your work out there,  how to build a website, Open Studio tips, shipping, competitions and more. 

Practical Stuff

Sophie Ploeg Rembrandt Pastels

Product Reviews

Reviews of paint brands, pastels, books, papers, and more.

Your Artists’ Website

Tips on how to build a website, which apps to use and everything else related to the web.

Let’s Get Organised!

Articles on how to organise your paints, your time and your schedule....


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