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This blog is full of painting tips and techniques, product reviews and much more. Many are aimed at beginning artists but there is plenty of the professional as well. The series called Busting the Myths of Oil Painting is very popular and has some lively debates in the comments. There are articles on art materials, pastel and art books. I hope you will find the articles useful and fun.

Busting the Myths of Oil painting

Oil Painting: The Fat over Lean Rule

Scared of OilsA recent article in a main UK art magazine made me remember why I took so long to discover the

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Oil Painting: Toxicity in Oils

0 shares Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 Share0Updated May 2018A Hot Topic  amongst many (beginning) oil painters is the toxicity of working

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Busting the Myths of Oil Painting: Supports

An oil painting should be done on canvas, right? Wrong. It can be painted on a whole host of supports and the

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Oil Painting: What’s in a (Brand) Name

0 shares Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 Share0 Updated July 2019 to add pollWorking with good quality paint does not make you

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Oil Painting without Solvents

Oil painting without using solvents or toxic mediums; can it be done? Absolutely. This guide explains how oil painting can be enjoyed

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25 Oil Painting Myths

 So many oil painting myths are still going around. Do not use black, use a medium, oil paint is toxic; the list

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Materials & Technique

The World of Easels….

Updated March 2019The World of Easels…… is fairly small in the UK. For years I have been working on the easel my mother bought me when I was a teenager (thanks

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In Defense of Working from Photos

  Image: Rembrandt, The Artist in his Atelier, 1629 I am so pleased that slowly the art world is changing and re-appreciating good old-fashioned skills like drawing and painting. Conceptualism is

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Hughes Easel

Updated October 2018 (photos) As you might have read in an earlier post I have been on the hunt for a new easel for a long time. After much deliberation I

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Langridge Oil Paint Review

Langridge oil paints are not as widely known as Winsor & Newton or Old Holland paints  yet they are highly rated by professional artists all over the world. The paints are

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My Essentials

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 Share0   Updated April 2018 Every artist has their favourite materials and ways of doing things, their own essential gear. And every artist has figured out

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Top Tips for Painting from Photos

  Many artists work with or from photos. Many artist hate the thought and swear by painting from life only. Most artists probably do both.  Some (beginning) artists do fall into

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Product Reviews

Reviews of paint brands, pastels, books, paper, canvas  and more.

Your Artists’ Website

Tips on how to build a website, which apps to use and everything else related to the web.

Let’s Get Organised!

Articles on how to organise your paints, your time and your schedule.....


I Need Your Help Writing a Book on Pastel

Do we need another book on pastel painting? You tell me!I think there are not that many books on pastel painting out

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Best Pastel Papers

Updated May 2018 Over the years I have worked with quite a few pastel papers and found some personal favourites. There are a

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Why Soft Pastels are not Chalks

Again and again people seem to refer to soft pastels as chalks, chalk crayons, chalk pastels and so forth. Even large art

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Soft Pastel: Is It Safe To Use?

I recently heard of an art college that banned soft pastel because they thought it is toxic and should not be used.

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Review: Terry Ludwig and Sennelier Soft Pastels

I recently bought two new sets of pastels: a small set of Terry Ludwig pastels and a set of Sennelier. This is

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The Dusty Side: Soft Pastel

(updated November 2018)What is Soft Pastel?Pastel is one of the loveliest art materials out there. It is immediate, uncomplicated and can be

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Vibrant Oils by Haidee-Jo Summers

Book ReviewHaidee-Jo Summers is a wonderful painter well known for her lively plein air paintings. She is a member of the Royal

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Top 10 Best Books on Painting

The top 10?  Well, maybe a top 11 or 12. And that’s not counting the ones I don’t know about and you

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Steal Like an Artist

The other day I cyber-bumped into Austin Kleon on Facebook. As you do. Someone shared a video of Austin Kleon giving an inspirational

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Artists’ Book Shelves

What Do Artists Read?Or do artists just like to look at picture books? It is both of course. My book case is

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My Favourite Book on Drawing

Why Draw?If you draw a lot you get better at painting. If you draw a lot you'll learn to see. If you

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Book: Paintings. Fabrics and Lace

It is nearly Christmas and this year I wanted to do something special. So I have designed this gorgeous coffee table book

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Art Business

How to Package an Oil Painting for Shipping

Shipping a painting is always a bit scary, especially if the painting has to cross borders. I usually use normal couriers for

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Do You Have a Competitive Side?

​The art world is full of art competitions. Art competitions for amateurs, professionals, competitions for oil painters, pastel painters or portrait painters.

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Best Apps for Artists

Let’s Get Organised! Useful Software for ArtistsI like my gadgets and my apps. And so it goes without saying I love software for

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Which Website Builder is Best for Artists? (2)

  In my last post I wrote about why an artist would need a website. In this post I would like to write

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The Artpreneur

Recently someone asked me this: "what does your entrepreneurial journey mean to you? How long have you been an entrepreneur?” It made

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Copyrights and Watermarks for Artists Online

Question: do we artists need to put watermarks on every picture we post online to protect our copyright? Should I worry about

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