Hard, soft, velvety, expressive: how do you prefer your pastel stick? Let’s find out the world’s most popular pastel brand.

Please share this poll with any pastel artist you know.

  • Professional and amateur pastelists welcome
  • You can choose a max of 2 brands as we probably cannot choose a single favourite
  • If your favourite is not mentioned: tick ‘Other’ and fill in your brand in the box. Do not tick ‘Other’ and leave the box empty! 
  • Hard and soft pastels welcome. No pastel pencils or oil pastels please
  • Leave a comment to explain why your favourite is your favourite!

Happy Voting!


What is your favourite pastel brand?
378 votes · 558 answers
Thank you!

About the author 


Sophie is an art historian, artist, art tutor, and writer. She writes on art history and painting (oils and pastel). The 17th century is probably her favourite era, although the ancient Romans are currently fighting for the lead spot. She is currently researching lace in Tudor portraiture.

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  1. Hi Sophie. I just voted for Sennelier in your pastel poll. Here’s why: Sennelier is my absolute favourite….closely followed by Unison pastels (have to admit I haven’t tried some other brands, like Shmincke as would run out of money if I tried them all!) I love the softness of Sennelier and the fact that you can push the pigment around with a brush…making for a more painterly surface. Colours are beautifully subtle too.
    Love your blogs btw ❤️

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