Poll: Your Favourite Pastel Brand

written by Sophie | Pastel

Hard, soft, velvety, expressive: how do you prefer your pastel stick? Let’s find out the world’s most popular pastel brand.

Please share this poll with any pastel artist you know.

  • Professional and amateur pastelists welcome
  • You can choose a max of 2 brands as we probably cannot choose a single favourite
  • If your favourite is not mentioned: tick ‘Other’ and fill in your brand in the box. Do not tick ‘Other’ and leave the box empty! 
  • Hard and soft pastels welcome. No pastel pencils or oil pastels please
  • Leave a comment to explain why your favourite is your favourite!

Happy Voting!


What is your favourite pastel brand?
430 votes · 634 answers
Thank you!

Published: February 21, 2019

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  1. Hi Sophie. I just voted for Sennelier in your pastel poll. Here’s why: Sennelier is my absolute favourite….closely followed by Unison pastels (have to admit I haven’t tried some other brands, like Shmincke as would run out of money if I tried them all!) I love the softness of Sennelier and the fact that you can push the pigment around with a brush…making for a more painterly surface. Colours are beautifully subtle too.
    Love your blogs btw ❤️

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