Summer School

written by Sophie | Sophie’s Studio

August 2014

The National Portrait Gallery runs an excellent program for young people. One of their activities is to get youngsters involved in the BP Portrait Award and so the BP Portrait Next Generation is a project that runs throughout the year trying to get young people involved in portrait painting. They run ‘Taster Sessions’ (1 day) and ‘Summer Schools’ (3 days).

Yesterday I was involved for one day in one of their Summer Schools.These are wonderful workshops for 14-19 year olds, which are free (!). The kids have to apply to the Summer School and of course there are many more applicants then places so a selection is taking place. The ‘kids’ then spend 3 days with BP artists and explore drawing, painting and listen to talks and watch demo’s. It is all very hands-on and they produce a lot of drawings and paintings!

Yesterday I was one of the ‘BP artists’ (cool title!) and spent the day with them. I did a little talk in front of my paintings in the gallery where I explained what I have been doing in the past year, and how I go about my paintings. We then explored the Tudor and Early Stuart Galleries in the museum and focussed on fabrics and textures – all under the expert guidance of tutors/artists Sadie Lee and Peta Taylor and a little help from me.

After lunch we tackled an underpainting – which they will develop into a full-colour painting today when BP artist James Hague takes over from me. On day 1 they were joined by BP winner Thomas Ganter who shared his work process and joined them for some life drawing. What a great workshop! Find the kids on Twitter under #BPnextgen

Here are some pics of the day:

Published: August 22, 2014

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  1. Sophie I love your work so much, it really inspires me to take my time with the details, and everything about your art is so special, I always take a good deep look at details, And with you no flaws: Your paintings are wonderful:
    Sonny Ridley

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