Ten Reasons Why I Love Soft Pastel

written by Sophie | Pastel

1.  No Drying Time

Soft pastel does not need to dry like most other paints do. Pastel is like other dry drawing materials ( such as coloured pencil or graphite) except that you can actually paint as well as draw with pastels. It is ideal for busy people as you never need to stop and wait for a paint layer to dry. You can always continue working, whenever and however you like. All that said, a pastel painting does remain 'wet' in a way: the paint will always come off when you touch it and it needs to be stored with care.

2.  No cleaning Needed

There is no need to clean brushes, palettes or anything else, besides your hands (but you could wear gloves).

3. No Preparation

You don't have to prep a canvas or set up a palette. When you start painting you just grab a pastel stick and when  are done painting, you just stop and that's it. 

4. No extra materials

You don't need brushes, solvents, mediums, water pots, palettes, rags, brush cleaners; it can really be as simple as a piece of paper and a few pastel sticks.

5. What you See is what you get

Pastels don't dry darker or lighter, they don't go matt or glossy: what you see is what you get. Just like most dry drawing materials they are immediate and don't change. 

6. It is a predictable medium

Pastel behaves in a very predictable manner: it goes down on the paper and does not change. Colours mix in a predictable way. You know what you will get and you know what will happen when you add more pastel to your paper. The only variety is found in different softness and brands. 

7. It offers a huge variety

You can work expressively and bold, or subtle and refined with soft pastel. You can create high chroma colours or extremely subtle ones. You can create a simple drawing with one colour or your can create a complex layered  painting.  Pastels offer very few limitations.

8. It is easy to get started in soft pastel

A piece of paper and some pastel sticks is all you need. There are no special skills or materials required for putting down some pastel marks. 

9. They look gorgeous

A box of soft pastels simply looks super yummy. I love my oil paints, but a box of oils just doesn't have the same candy store look. Sorry oils. 

10. It is addictive

You don't need hundreds of colours but you'll find that you can't resist that box of beauties anyway. Yep, I call that a positive. 😉

Sophie Ploeg Pastel

Published: October 23, 2018

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