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I am building something very exciting. And I think you might want to hear about it! As a reader of my blog you might sometimes have wanted to take things beyond the blog post. Perhaps you left a comment and joined in the discussion there (that's cool, thanks!). Perhaps you hopped onto Facebook and discussed something there. But where is that place where we can  focus on art alone, where you can share an article, an image or a video yourself? A community where we can share, learn and have fun together and it's just us. 

At the same time I have been looking for the perfect place to put my ecourses. A place where students can interact and share their experiences amongst themselves. A place where we can discuss assignments and lessons.  I have not been totally happy with the software platforms I have been using for my courses so far. 

But I have found a solution for both: a place where we can create a community as well as a place where I can give my courses and students a home.

And I am really excited about it!

My Art School Now has a New Home

And the Hub of the school is called The Art Cafe

And it is open and free for all

The cafe is the heart of my art school.  The cafe is open to all and a buzzing busy place full of people painting, chatting, reading and drawing.  

There are tables for oil painters, pastel fans, acrylics painters and so much more!

If you wander a little you will find my groups and courses (more coming soon). These places are for paid members only. I hope to see you there too.


It is hosted on Mighty Networks and The Art Cafe is my network. You can join for free and find a like-minded community of artists and art lovers keen to share their work, ask advice, discuss the best brush or the nicest colour for painting a blue sky.  A community without ads, privacy issues, or algorithms. But we have to build it together so I invite you join! 


Not only is The Art Cafe a place for all of us to learn, share and have fun, but it is also the place where I will put my next paid course. It will get its own tab and be only accessible to students, but behind that tab will be a community within a community: students can take the course, step by step, and share their progress, their thoughts and their assignments within the course community - if they want to. Of course they can also just take the course without bothering with the community, that is their choice.  It will be for paid students only so everyone will feel confident and at home. 

Of course the open community, The Art Cafe, will be available to all, but within the Cafe there will be tables reserved, so to speak, for students of paid courses. 

The Blog

This blog will be at the heart of the community as many topics discussed here can find a follow up in the Cafe. I hope you will continue to read and comment on this blog, but some things cannot be done in a blog comment: 

  • Perhaps a blog post inspired you to paint something? Why not share it in the Cafe? 
  • Perhaps you want to show a painting you are working on, but you are stuck? Why not post it in the Cafe and get some constructive feedback.
  • Did you read an interesting article? Share it in the Cafe!  

Together we can build it into an amazing friendly and supportive place for all art lovers and artists.

But I cannot do it by myself. A community needs people, so I hope you can join me in The Art Cafe! It's free!

The Art Cafe has only just opened its doors.  So please help me out and let's build this thing together. Things might change a little, but I really believe it can be a great place to hang out.

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