Unison Midnight Darks Review

Sophie Ploeg Unison pastel

Unison’s new Midnight Dark Set colours were announced only last August but I’ve seen a lot of artists get them and a love them. I could not resist of course so I bought a set. This is my review.

Unison is a fantastic brand of soft pastels. They are handmade in Northumberland and provide a medium soft pastel stick. One of their strongest characteristics, I think, are their colours. The pastels have a very rich deep colour. You really notice the quality of the pigments. I love my subtle earth colours and greys and Unison is very good at those. 

So when they brought out some new dark colours and combined them with some of their existing darks in a new Midnight Set I decided to buy it. I didn't really have any real good deep darks. Something suitable for deep and darks backgrounds, dark velvets and deep shadows would add usefulness  to my pastel collection, for sure!

The set was created in association with artist Robert Dutton who is an established pastel artist in Yorkshire, UK. 

Sophie Ploeg Blue Velvet Pastel painting

Blue Velvet, pastel on paper, 56x40cm

I used the set in my pastel painting Blue Velvet, an exploration of a draped piece of very stiff velvet. I thought the dark blues were absolutely gorgeous and extremely deep and rich in colour. I don't have any other pastels that are this dark, jewel-like and deep. The blues and purples felt richer and darker than the black. 

Blues, greens, browns and black - these midnight pastels will provide deep-space blues, jet-blacks and earthy darks. They feel buttery and soft, and layer well. They are a bit too soft for really fine detail but mix and layer fantastically.

I used them on a full sheet of Art Spectrum Colourfix paper and despite many thick layers I did not fill the tooth. I don't know much, but I know of nothing that beats these darks so all I can do is highly recommend them. 

The set contains: Dark 19, Dark 20, Dark 21, Dark 22, Dark 23, Dark 24,  CB1, CB2. (4 blues, 2 purples, 2 blacks)

You can purchase them via the link below:

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