Vlog: How to Mix Colour on your Canvas


One thing I have learned from working with pastel for so many years, is how to mix your colours on your painting. So many painters struggle to mix the right colours on their palette. Often this made even more difficult because your palette is too far away from your painting. You spend ages mixing the right colours only to find them completely wrong when they hit the canvas! 

A great way to fix this is by mixing on the canvas. Use colours straight from the tube, or mix a colour as close as you can get it to the desired colour, and apply it to your canvas. When it is in position, you can step back and judge much easier what is wrong with it. Is it too bright, too dark, too blue, too yellow? All that information will tell you immediately what needs doing. So if it's too bright, you can add some darker tones to the  canvas; if it's to blue then perhaps tone it down with some red. If your skin colours look too muddy, then apply some vibrant colours and if it is too vibrant then tone it down with complementary colours or some grey-tones. 

Once your brush stroke is in the right place on the canvas you will be able to spot any mistakes in colour much easier. 

Watch the video so I can show you how. 

Published: February 11, 2020

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