Vlog: The Art of Pastel Magazine

I just found a new magazine (well, for me it is new) on pastel painting in a local newsagent. It's called The Art of Pastel and I really like it. It's big, glossy and full of familiar heroes in the world of soft pastel. Watch this short video where I show you my discovery:

The Art of Pastel is a quarterly magazine  and is published by CapElitis Group, a French publisher that specialises in fine art publications. I found the link to the Nov-Feb edition here

The magazine is in English but not particularly aimed at the UK as recommended products are listed in Euros. The magazine cost €8, £7.95, $17.99.

Although I read less magazine than before the era of the internet, I still love magazines and have many piles of them at home.There is something about browsing a paper magazine, and a cup of tea on a Sunday morning...  This magazine look very attractive, with lots of yummy glossy photos. There are interviews, top tips from professional artists, step by step demonstrations and showcases. 

As pastel magazines are a rare thing, I thought it worth mentioning to you all. That said, I might well be the last one to find out about it and are currently making a fool out of myself. Oh well.

Did you know this magazine? What do you think of my very first short vlog? Let me know in the comments below. 

PS: I am not an affiliate of this magazine and do not get paid for this. I honestly just found the magazine the other at the shopping mall. 

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