So many brands, so many choices.

Please vote for your favourite oil paint brand in this poll and pass it on to your oil painting friends.

You can vote for no more than 2 of your favourite oil painting brand. If your favourite is not in the list, please choose ‘Other’ and write the name of your favourite oil painting brand in the box.


What Is Your Favourite Oil Paint Brand
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Sophie is an artist, art historian, tutor, and writer. She writes on art history, oil and pastel painting, exhibitions and more. She loves painting portraits, drapery and lace. She teaches online art classes in her online art school. The 17th century is probably her favourite era, although the ancient Romans are currently fighting for the lead spot.

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  1. I have fallen for m Graham! Walnut based it mixes well with my walnut oil that I am now using for glazing and thinning things out a bit when I want! Using these I have almost cut out my use of solvents to clean up !
    I lightly dip my brush in a small keeper of walnut oil- take it my paint pile and blend for each stroke. Keeping paper towel to clean brush before repeating. Love the fluidity and don’t miss linseed order from other paints or stand oil!

  2. Hi Sophie,
    I mainly use Vasari paints as they are very strong on pigment and maintain a buttery quality that I like.Others I do use in limited colors are Williamsburg ,Michael Harding as he produces Cremintz white and I prefer his raw sienna.I have tried many brands over the years and as my collection of paints grow more and more Vasari tubes end up being my mainstay on the palette.
    Cheers rosslyn.

  3. Hi Sophie,
    Je kunt op de website van Thalens zien wanneer er weer een rondleiding is.
    ook is het mogelijk om bij Old Holland in Driebergen een rondleiding te krijgen,
    zie web site.
    Goed weekend, Erik
    P.S. je maakt mooi werk, ben onder de indruk.

  4. Hallo Sophie,
    Ik vind de Thalens verf bijzonder fijn werken, constante kwaliteit, mooie dekking.
    Ben afgelopen jaar bij ze op bezoek geweest met een rondleiding, geweldig om mee te maken,
    dit doen ze vaker, dus als je een keer hier bent in Nederland, ik raad het je aan.
    Hartelijke groet, Erik

    1. Hi Erik, oh ik zou dolgraag eens die fabriek bezoeken! Ik zal dat absoluut eens op m’n lijstje zetten. Dank voor de tip!

  5. I have problems with the smell of oil paint mediums and cleaners. I use chelsea classical studio mediums with the Winton oil paint that I bought for a class. Chelsea classical has lavender in it. So nice. Or I use Lukas Berlin water mixable oil paint. It only cleans up with water, it is an oil paint and they have mediums to use with them. You do not need turpenoid or solvents to clean your brushes! I am not sure if I will buy regular oil paint again. The Lukas wmo is nice and creamy, creamier than the Winton. I think if I do decide to buy regular oil paint it will be Sennelier because it is a brand that I trust.

  6. Many of these paints I have not tried or tried enough colors to form an opinion. I do use mostly Vasari for it’s high pigment load. I use the Rublev mediums and I love their Flake White #2 (yes, I do use the heavy metal pigments) but haven’t tried any other colors.

    1. Hi Cynthia, thanks for your comment! I am currently trying out Rublev oils – a new oil paint brand for me. Very interesting so far!Thanks again, Sophie

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